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Cotton rally will still be constrained! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recently, the domestic cotton prices fell to -6 in April the platform support area 13300 area rebound yesterday, early breakthrough neckline suppression, short-term bullish atmosphere thick, but in the new cotton harvest season listed rises not excessive high rebound, see the 15300 target, the follow-up is still in demand solid down Gong, the adjustment is not effective end, specific the analysis is as follows: the current market bullish theme are: domestic film reserves price rise, to the market driven; the new cotton market enjoys a price higher expected; foreign cotton exports strong, and the market potential negative factors are: the State Reserve to sell near the end, facing seasonal pressure the new cotton market; continuous cotton demand is expected and insufficient. After the cotton technology put down by throwing storage volume price rise in May, Cotton City Lean period, the main supply source is in storage, during the state reserve auction is a major influence in the market, cotton throw reserve round out the initial stage for public resources Pianman, put less, resulting in high turnover, maintain a level in 100%, prices are also rising, once reached 16392 yuan per ton, bring the positive feedback on the market, and after entering the mid July, with the launch of throwing storage increased to 30 thousand tons a day lead level, turnover rate and transaction price were to fall, the turnover rate was down to 50-60% level, the price dropped to 14000 per ton, on the market also constitute a drag response. In September, cotton prices listed and enjoys a slow, prompting the cotton spinning enterprises will lock eyes to again in the Mid Autumn Festival, and throwing storage quantity again decreased to 25 thousand tons day level, further raising fears, pushing volume price again rebounded, has recently rebounded to nearly 100%, the price also rose to 14650 yuan tons area, to the market driven, affected by this, Zheng cotton exceeded 14300 upward pressure, is still bullish in Xinmian listed on the front, but with the new cotton market pressure on the market, may appear gradually, not excessive high rise space. The domestic price 6-7 yuan is expected to scale new flowers in the greenish kg period, in addition to throwing storage Chen cotton, the market gradually began to pay attention to the present situation enjoys a new cotton, cotton market volume is limited, and the seed cotton ginning factory enjoys less water, the market has not yet formed effective price, trade enterprises generally expected to begin business the price is in 6-6.5 yuan kg, while the farmers expected sales price in 6.5-7 yuan kilograms, according to 6-7 yuan range, Seedcotton kg cottonseed according to 2.7 yuan kilogram estimate, the cotton cost between 12000-14500 yuan per ton. In late September, hand picked cotton cotton prices before the centralized acquisition still enjoys a more cautious, the market did not dare too restless, the price is expected to significantly from the region running. United States cotton export braking sustainability is still less than the early U.S. cotton exports relatively strong market theory相关的主题文章:

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Non trivial! 6 hours of blood pressure regulation! Sohu health lead: recently in a simulated measurement of sleep apnea syndrome research influence, researchers at the Columbia University Okun Flanagan, found that as long as 6 hours and sleep apnea related oxygen level fluctuations, may begin to influence people’s circulatory system. The study was recently published in the American Journal of physiology. Sleep apnea is a disease that occurs during sleep apnea. This disease can lead to a decrease in oxygen levels in the body, called intermittent hypoxia. According to the Canadian Public Health Bureau, 5 million 400 thousand Canadians are diagnosed with sleep apnea or high risk sleep apnea. Professor Glen Foster of health and Exercise Science said, "although it has been established that sleep apnea is associated with hypertension, but our study shows that sleep apnea also has effects on the cardiovascular system, within a day will have an impact, only 6 hours of oxygen level wave (similar to sleep apnea condition). Body’s ability to regulate blood pressure will be damaged." "These changes occur almost immediately in healthy young adults or adults who have not experienced sleep apnea." As part of the study, Foster examined the effects of intermittent hypoxia on the cardiovascular system in 10 healthy young adults. The subjects were exposed to a mask for 6 hours to change the level of oxygen to simulate sleep apnea. Research shows that sleep apnea damages the biosensor human baroreceptor blood pressure regulation function. The study also showed that impaired blood flow patterns in the legs may affect vascular health over time. Foster added: "these findings suggest that patients with sleep apnea should be treated immediately if they are diagnosed." Recommendation: good doctor WeChat public number (haoyishengcom long press to copy), showing the professional medical information, medical news every day for you, let you instantly know the latest industry trends. Doctor (Doctor of public, WeChat circle circle press copy to the WeChat search), China doctor’s first focus on the social networking platform, the use of mobile medical technology, integration and optimization of medical resources, to build their own proprietary medicine circle, set up the brand, promote the medical information technology exchanges, promote medical technology promotion.相关的主题文章:

Small ant launched micro single camera M1 Japanese three – price butcher’s knife cut technology Sohu-guitarpro5

Small ant launched micro single camera M1 Japanese three – price butcher’s knife cut technology Sohu intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom), the desert shadow in September 19, 2016, today millet ecological chain enterprises small ant Technology launched a cross-border products in Beijing, micro single camera M1. Previously, the ant is millet camera, millet Sports Camera and other products behind the company. The little ant is the launch of the micro camera a 43 interface, the simultaneous launch of two lens, a focal length macro set 42.5mm head portrait, the other a focal length of 12 ~ 42mm equivalent 35mm lens 24 ~ 84mm standard zoom lens. According to the small ant founder / CEO seven Wei introduced in the software level, the small ant micro single made some easy innovations, such as adding "master" is used in traveling, shooting interface, built-in master template composition. Small ants in the main social networking and micro micro single product, known as the first micro single camera. The two set of product prices were 2999 yuan, the standard dual lens kit, portrait headgear machine price is 2199 yuan, it is said that in Japan the same brand price of around 13, September 23rd, the whole network sale in Jingdong. Small ants also introduced another two new products, a smart car rearview mirror, intelligent mobile phone with 5 inch screen resolution level; sale 799 yuan. Another product is a 3 rotor UAV, the flight speed can reach 120 km an hour, can mount a single micro to small ants such as shooting sports cameras and other different products. Overall, the small ant brand or video shooting equipment as the main line in the development of the product line, there are already more than a dozen product models, covering micro single, motion cameras, UAVs, etc.. It is said that 3 years ago, the company has been located in small ants in Seattle, Israel, China, Japan, Taiwan and other places, there are 110 of foreign employees, headquartered in Shanghai. Small ant founder Wei think its vision is proposed by Yi Cameras all image series covering the filming equipment, however, want to know now shooting with the highest rate of products should be mobile phone.相关的主题文章:

Some brokers optimistic about the theme of PPP or will become a potential breakthrough

Some brokers optimistic about the PPP theme or will become a potential breakthrough in Sina Finance App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament – trainee newspaper reporter Zhang Xiaoqi recently, A shares continued to shock, the market expectations of "food market" did not cash. Some brokers believe that in September the trend of risk-free interest rates downward trend is difficult to change. To maintain a steady background in monetary policy, the future of a new round of steady growth policy may depend on the financial strength, but simply rely on financial investment in the limited space, the PPP model is expected to become an important starting point for steady growth, financial subsidies, preferential loans, tax relief and other favorable policies is expected to raise PPP. A shares on the PPP theme of investment or the opportunity to exist. The macro environment is stable the Milky Way securities research report pointed out that last week’s A shares in the adjustment phase, the Shanghai Composite Index, Shenzhen stock index, SZSE gem index fell 1.22%, 1.65%, 1.13%, 0.67%, early performance better than blue chip adjustment, the performance of the gem. Brokerage analysts believe that the main clue is the recent market risk free interest rate changes. In the case of little change in earnings, the rapid decline in risk-free interest rates will lead to a rebound in stock market valuations. In early August the long end yields rapid downward, but the profit taking funds and the central bank to restart the 14 day reverse repurchase, the long end of the yield increased significantly. September risk-free interest rate downward trend will not change, the central bank’s 14 day reverse repurchase restart is to flatten the short end of the interest rate fluctuations, not to raise the cost of capital, asset shortage environment has not changed. The Milky Way Securities pointed out that the high frequency data shows that the economy has gradually stabilized, the specific performance of the 6 major power groups daily coal consumption continued to rise, the port coal stocks decline, coal prices continued upward, while steel prices, steel production, coking coal prices began to rebound on the line. In addition, to benefit from the acceleration of landing PPP projects, cement, glass and other raw materials prices have also picked up. But looking forward to the four quarter, the economy is expected to slow down the pressure or greater than the three quarter. The main reason is that the average real estate sales growth fell gradually, taking into account the real estate sales growth as the leading economic indicators, the fourth quarter downward pressure will increase, corporate profits may deteriorate, interest rates may not be able to drive down valuations. Optimistic about the theme of PPP Founder Securities research report pointed out that economic growth slowly into the bottom. With the decline in real estate investment, future economic downward pressure still exists, overweight steady growth demands. Analysts pointed out that in the past the government’s steady growth mainly rely on loose monetary policy, but as part of a second tier cities larger property market bubble, will constitute a constraint on monetary policy. In the future, steady growth may be based on fiscal policy, supplemented by monetary policy. In terms of fiscal policy, the fiscal gap is widening, simply relying on the financial investment limited space, through the PPP model to stimulate private investment in infrastructure will become an important starting point for steady growth, can expect fiscal subsidies, preferential loans, tax breaks and other favorable policies. Brokerage analysts pointed out that since last year, with the theory相关的主题文章:

After the male turned over the woman, her mother-in-law’s behavior makes people

Postpartum men turn female, her behavior makes people angry – Sohu today bestie mother phoned me, we chatted for a long time. To my bestie Tucao her mother-in-law, lived a lot of grievances do not cover up her speech, she will tell me 151 things. Bestie to the field, both family little boys, especially the nagging mother-in-law. Bestie after marriage, it was a reminder that her character, so she hurried to young children. Bestie would love the child, she successfully pregnant, the family are very happy. She devoted her every day, eat and drink served bestie. Bestie each birth mother-in-law to go, mother always bangqiaoceji asked the doctor for sex, but the doctor always be neither hot nor cold. There were times when the mother asked the doctor about the sex of the fetus, the doctor said with a smile: "good baby!" The mother-in-law heard "handsome" words should guess the sex of the fetus is a boy, mother-in-law of bestie said: "it seems that you are the child 80% boys." Bestie smiling without a word. Due to her bestie, ahead of the hospital. Bestie opened eight which later was sent into the delivery room, she saw her mother into the delivery room with folded hands, mouth talking: "namo Amitabha, bless the boys!" Bestie birth, the child’s voice especially loud, mother-in-law is more determined bestie students are boys. But when the nurse will launch her and her children in the delivery room, the mother of a nurse said, "mother and daughter peace," her face pulled long. She will head the past, then muttered: "hell, why men turn to women? I knew it was a girl." After listening to her bestie feel cold, she said: "you really will be joking, boys and girls are the parents of the baby, even if I knew the belly is a girl, I will never be destroyed the children. You are a woman, you should know the hardships of pregnancy." Listen to the mother-in-law bestie finished even directly angrily ran back home. I always love to buy things on the Internet, the husband abandon me money, buy something expensive! He had great difficulty, from his friend introduced me to a skirt, there are a lot of Tao Baotian cat inside coupons, shopping value, free to receive any Tmall store coupons, any store can be used, not to be too stingy, so everyone to share, buttoned skirt, skirt if [36426O8] never let you in, you say is Nathan friends.相关的主题文章: