[1] China first snow beat Olympic medalist Ye Qiaobo-姉summer

[1] the first snow beat China Olympic medalist Ye Qiaobo Ye Qiaobo Ye Qiaobo was born in 1964 in Changchun city. Started skating at the age of 9, in 1976 the "81" speed skating team. In 21 years of snow career, won 133 medals, two consecutive World Championships all-around title, world champion 23. In the sixteenth Winter Olympic Games, won the silver medal in, the Olympic Games in China to achieve the history of the medal zero breakthrough". The Central Military Commission awarded her the "sports." the title of honor, in recognition of her outstanding contribution made for China sports, this is the highest honor in the history of Chinese sports personal gain. To participate in the seventeenth Winter Olympics, she received two times before and after surgery, endure the pain, won the bronze medal, touched by the spirit of a generation of her struggle, once wrote inspiring "Qiao Bo spirit of the Chinese nation". In 1994 Ye Qiaobo retired because of injury, these 13 years, the Tsinghua University MBA MBA and PhD in economics from the Central Party school. Her master’s thesis "Qiaobo snow world feasibility study report" achievements of her promotion of the winter sports dream, doctoral thesis "retired athletes’survival and development theory and practice research" as the CPPCC research, get special demonstration of the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and other six ministries, will end her suggestions into the annual financial allocation plan. Concerned about the survival and development of retired athletes are of great concern to the community, her efforts have been highly recognized by the relevant departments. Ye Qiaobo keen on education and social welfare activities, as a number of well-known Chinese and primary school counselors and University visiting professor, and actively participate in public welfare undertakings. Ye Qiaobo’s main social honor and duty: 1985-1994 years, repeatedly named the "National Snow athlete"; in 1986 03, won the 38 red banner pacesetter title; 1991-1993 three consecutive years, named the "national sports athlete"; in 1987 05, the CYL Central Committee named the "national new Long March" in 1990; 05 months, won the National Labor Medal Award "; in 1991 02, won the two heroes medal; in 1992 05, the chairman of the Central Military Commission signed a decree awarded her the" sports pioneer "honorary title; in 1992 05, won the" national model worker "honorary title; in 1992 05, was awarded a medal of heroes in 1992 09; in March, the Communist Party of China" the Congress party was elected in October 1992, was named the third; "Chinese Ten Outstanding Youth"; in 1993 01, was elected the "outstanding communist"; in 1993 03, won the "meritorious" advanced individual award; in 1994 03, won the "People’s Republic of China sports Medal of honour"; in October 1994, was awarded the "45 anniversary of the founding of the 45 sports Yingjie," the honorary title; in 1998 03, was elected the nine CPPCC National Committee in 1999 08 months.相关的主题文章: