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2.4 Steel and its Change Why the difference between the performance of steel, and steel in fact the internal organizational structure. Can be seen through the microscope, the internal steel is composed of many different departments and regions, such as cell stack the same product made of small, carefully view Police, in fact belong to these small lumps of several different categories, we are usually the same kind of small horizontal called a "phase" or a "body." As we usually say austenitic, ferritic steel refers to the most Two common organizational structure, which is two phase. Which contains a kind of steel phase, the proportion of each phase the number, shape how the phase, which directly affect the performance of steel. That is, if the steel In the phase of the type, proportion, shape change, we must follow the performance of steel changes. Then, what factors will lead to changes in these years then? Clearly, changes in the composition of steel will definitely affect the performance of steel Change, and for a certain kind of steel components for a fixed, such as 20 # steel, or 304L, as they are for deformation processing, heat treatment, its performance will change. To sum up, affecting steel Performance of the main factors are: composition, deformation and temperature. 2.5 Steel Heat Treatment: In order to achieve some kind of steel we want the best performance, its internal organizational structure and stability to a stable structure of a particular state. In many cases, we must be heat-treated steel. Because many of our products are made of processed deformed, the deformation of steel by the above-mentioned, its structure must change In other words, the performance of the steel changes, which often we do not want change, and then we must take measures to eliminate heat treatment of these changes and restore the original properties of steel. Of course , Because of other considerations we have carried out other means of heat treatment. Several steel by cold, heat treatment after hot deformation see Table 1. 2.6 steel, said method: Representation of the world steel varies, but most expressed by two methods: one to contain the alloy elements and content to that kind of code for a class of steel and strength values to represent. For example: 20 # – that 0.20% of the carbon content of the advantages of carbon steel 45 # – that is about 0.45% carbon content of the advantages of carbon steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti-that the carbon content: 0.1% Cr18% or so Ni 9% around Ti: with a little 0Cr18Ni9-that very low carbon content, 0.08% Cr 18% around Ni 9% around Q235 —– that yield strength> 235MPA of carbon steel SS400 — that the tensile strength> 400MPA the advantages of carbon steel By: Ava Smith – We believe outsourcing is more than a fast Internet connection, Dropbox and Skype. Great outsourcing is the result of a great partnership between two teams. If you are looking for an outsourcin … By: Bijan Golyan – For years, businesses have been using call centers to outsource customer service and marketing for many reasons. In recent years, these centers mainly use only one language for their services. By: Infinite World Solutions – We are a reliable outsourcing partner dealing in data entry services, back office and other allied services with perfection and reliability. We ensure the loyalty and privacy of the customers a … By: Ava smith – Custom millwork gets a boost with increased investment in prefab offsite construction. Additional industry reports indicate that the shift to prefab offsite construction will lead to a signific … By: Ava smith – Virtual walkthroughs and tours become the new profit-boosters for the real estate industry. Gone are the days when cardboard models were used to represent architectural plans. As reality gets a … By: Darshan – Whenever you decide to outsource your project of WordPress development, you must keep a few key points in mind to ensure maximum ROI. This article will educate you with the top tips to be consi … By: circumnavigation – Everyday thousands of students apply for visa for higher education to foreign universities along with other thousands of candidates who try for work visa to get lucrative jobs overseas. By: Oleg Tchetchel – Fixed pitch axial fans are designed for steady state duty and are simple and straightforward for greater reliability and ease of maintenance. With Buffalo Blower (New York) space saving designs … By: Anand Kumar – Fiinovation, a CSR based research consultancy, mentions that in an era of water scarcity, only traditional methods of water storage, management and distribution can support people’s ability to … By: Akshat Pradhan – A vocational training program trains a person for a vocation. There are certain vocational training programs that require the interested youth to possess a certain formal education you must … 相关的主题文章: