3 children in the parking lot was rolling witnesses said the driver watching the phone (video) sugus

The parking lot of 3 children was rolling witnesses said 3 children watch mobile phone driver in the parking lot was rolling witness: the driver in the mobile phone to see the afternoon of September 17th, Mr. Fan had just returned to the parking lot after work, he saw his son flew over, shouting "Dad, brother was down to the car." Mr. Fan hurried off, not far, saw his little son and another two children together, trapped in a white Volkswagen car, three children with blood. Soon, the other two children’s parents also came, rushed to the children sent to the Shajing people’s hospital. Currently, three children have been out of danger, but there are still many different degrees of injury. Looking at the whole body is injured children, parents are very painful, only hope that the child can recover as soon as possible. Parents want to save the child, then did not have time to confirm the driver, and the driver did not show up until now, just let a family to deal with related matters. The location of the incident is located in Hua Sheng building parking lot, here is an open space, there is no barrier to block the driver’s line of sight, under normal circumstances, in front of a child should be easy to see. According to witnesses, the driver was always on the phone! "Here is the child, her car is straight up, then her slow speed is not slow, probably because the mobile phone……" After the accident, the driver and the vehicle were all taken away by the police, the accident is still further investigation of the traffic police department.相关的主题文章: