3 Eyewear Tips For Oval Faces-reshacker

Fashion-Style There are some people in the world who are blessed with the ability to look good no matter what they are wearing. In the eyewear world, the magic face shape is oval, thanks to its predominantly even features. One of the key points in choosing the perfect pair of designer eyeglasses or sunglasses is to achieve balance, and since oval faces typically already have this, the goal is maintenance. You want to choose a frame that keeps everything in check, rather than overwhelming one portion of your face. Here are a few more shopping tips for your trip to your favorite eyewear store: 1.Don’t be timid. – As a person with a face shape that looks good in just about everything, it is your duty to be adventurous, if that’s your style, of course. Don’t be afraid to try new shapes that you would never have dreamed of before seeing them in the shop, especially if you want to show off your appreciation for art or your funky sense of style. Try on a pair of Vue dc LEA eyeglasses to see how you like an extreme (and totally modern) cat-eye, or MYKITA Debbie eyeglasses for a dramatically oversized look. 2.Embrace geometry. – No, you don’t need to pull out your scientific calculator. Geometric glasses are an excellent choice for oval faces to .plement the softer angles of your facial features. The sharp lines against the curves of your face will look chic and fashionable. Vue dc’s LEA also works with this type of frame, as do Oliver Goldsmith Kendal sunglasses (a plastic aviator that breaks the mold with its hexagonal shape), and Oliver Goldsmith Fuz sunglasses (a standout square frame in a tortoise pattern with rose-colored lenses). 3.Everything in moderation. – If your oval face is on the petite side, then you should avoid glasses that are too large for your face. Oval faces do look great in oversized frames, but the size of your features, not just shape, should be taken into account as well. Avoiding bigger styles doesn’t mean you have to forego the trends, however. Consider a pair of Studio FB W10 eyeglasses, which has a rectangular silhouette and is made with a blend of acetate and wood fibers. The wood is visible in the final matte product, a natural look that falls in line with this season’s trend of using .anic materials. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: