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6 square "cage homes" looted quite magical realism – Sohu comments in Shenzhen stir for nearly two months, not 6 square meters "Mount Lu really pigeon house" was finally unveiled yesterday. In 1998 the land, is the standard purchase and credit limit of residential products, that is to buy a house for places, in this context, yesterday the 9 sets of "pigeon cage housing" sale price for a price of 880 thousand yuan each, the average price reached 150 thousand yuan per square metre, and sold out the same day. (September 25th Guangzhou daily) 6 square meters of the house, really is to "people" live it? However, it is such a pigeon house, but also very sought after, even sold 150 thousand yuan per square meter, and sold out the same day. This absurd plot, is really a "magic realism" taste, I’m afraid even to write "Beijing" folding, won the world science fiction awards the Hugo prize Dr. Qinghua to shame? As early as a month ago, the "Shenzhen Evening News" reported that the Shenzhen municipal planning and land resources administration committee Nanshan reply said that "dove cage" apartment layout does not belong to the residential apartment layout, has nothing to do with the real estate sale. Guangzhou Daily reporter learned that the new "residential design standards" went into effect in August 2012 clearly stipulates: "the minimum dwelling and living consists of bedroom, kitchen and bathroom etc., the use of the area should not be less than 22 square meters." Shenzhen pigeon house since 2004 has been built, it is not affected. However, despite the "pigeon cage room" to "humiliating", even the authorities feel shy to say "people" live, but the monthly income of only ordinary people thousands of yuan, to the enjoyment of the "insult" is inadequate. "Can’t afford to rent ah, this is a lot of" brick house "is" good ", but he will not tell you he is to buy a big house, not to want to rent will be gone". "Can’t afford to buy a home to buy ah, this is a lot of" reality "users are given the choice, but, even if the home is" Four city ", compared with the local wage level, the price is not the same as" superior "? If in the big city workers edge rent, to save money in the home to buy a house, then, "places to buy a house" is to "empty" or to "self pressurized"? Some time ago, the media suddenly exclaimed, "waking from a dream like" crazy property market ", to" belated effort "feeling: the property market" Crazy "for more than and 10 years only to find it" Crazy "is really sick! In recent years, as the divorce housing chaos, to "open a factory than to buy a few suites, the real estate market has already entered the crazy mode, real estate has become the local government’s" pillar industry ", social capital mostly flows to the real estate, the real estate bubble. Housing prices have been high to the sky ", to further expand the gap between rich and poor, on the one hand, the real estate heavyweights continue to" one hundred million small "sing hyperthyroidism, on the other hand, many young people to" silk? "" ants "self, to" chicken soup "masturbation. Now, almost everyone knows that the property market is crazy, we know that it is very dangerous to continue, however, whether or not to let prices down? Economist!相关的主题文章: