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Arts-and-Entertainment Picking winning numbers for any lottery game is becoming more and more compare by the day. People living in Florida are getting tired of not being able to pick numbers that will hit jackpot for them. Actually, no one can give you assurance that the sets of numbers are going to be winner but there are ways to track the pattern of this game and pick good numbers that can do the magic. So, if you have been playing florida lottery with no or little success, relax because youre about to discover a secret that will increase your chances of winning this game in no time. Follow these seven tips and become a winner in no time. 1. Try to use the power of most frequent drawn numbers. there are numbers that appear in a draw most than other numbers. these type of numbers need to be taken note of. You need to write those numbers down and try to be playing some of them in a single ticket. Listen now, dont play all of them in a single ticket, just add it to the selection of numbers you want to play. And you have to know that the most drawn number for the past 10 years is number 20. if youre a regular powerball players, you will know that 20 succeed all other numbers. all other numbers apart from 20 are 37, 2, 31 and 35. play all these numbers but not on one ticket will increase your chances of winning tremendously. 2. Tracking hot numbers to win the jackpot: I have always being saying this that if you learn the skill of tracking hot numbers, you will be doing fine in picking winning numbers for any lottery games. You need to know how to get these numbers because tracking these numbers gives you 70% of winning your next lottery game. What are hot number? Hot numbers are the numbers that have been left out as a winning numbers but always appear as loser numbers for the six consecutive games. You will also see losing numbers that have been out for 9 games or less account for two thirds of all the winning numbers. you have to look further for loosing numbers that have been out for 12 games or less account for about three quarters of all the winning numbers. your ability to track these numbers will mark a great success in your lottery career. 3. Playing with a trusted team: Playing with a team has its advantage because teams play will give you ability to buy more tickets and the more tickets you play, the better your chances of winning. In fact you need to know that about 2/6 of previous Florida lottery winners are from the people that play with a team. You need to carefully choose your team and make sure you trust them before joining them. 4. You need to play more smaller games than always running after powerball jackpot: Some lottery players dont like playing smaller lottery games, all they want is the big jackpot! I am not against this but you need to also play the smaller games because your odd of winning these games is ridiculous lower than the odd of winning powerball and megamillions. Play game like Florida cash 3 will increase your chances of winning because youre only ask to pick 3 winning numbers! 5. Play strategy over luck: Picking winning numbers need good strategy. Your method of picking numbers that will be good for lottery result should be based on using proven and tested strategies not be based on luck. Although will need luck everything will do but that doesnt mean that we should not try to use good technique to predict lottery numbers. 6. Always keep your tickets in a safe place: You need to keep your tickets in safe place in order to be able to claim your winning. I have seen some unclaimed winnings in the lottery and I begins to wonder why they did not claim their winnings. I later discovered that most people lost their tickets and could not claim their winnings. 7. Play using a good lottery system: To be honest with you dont play lottery without using lottery system. You need a mentor that can guide you to winning ways when it comes to picking winning numbers. this professionals sells lottery system and ask you to join their membership site to always help you. The problem that I know with lottery system is that there are lot of scams lotteries out there but dont worry I have a very good lottery system that I am using presently and it is performing greatly for me click here to get this system. You have nothing to lose in purchasing this lottery system because it has money back guarantee for 60 days click here to read what people have to say about this system. For more information about lottery system that is good to win any lotteries, go to .lottocrusherwin.blogspot.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: