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UnCategorized Sometimes we need to take a break from writing a book or whatever we are doing at the time. Life gets in the way. We have a tough obstacle to overcome. We lost someone we love. A child needs our immediate attention. A troubled teenager breaks our heart. We must care for a sick child, or a parent needs our care. Many things happen that prevent us from moving on. Recently I found a booklet that I wrote years ago on keeping hope alive. It reminded me that occasionally we needed to take a time-out to rearrange the priorities in our lives. Years ago I was struggling desperately with my teenager. I felt I had lost her love. I tried everything to bring her back to the family fold but nothing worked. She was defiant and angry. I was lost and felt helpless. It was at this time I began writing this little booklet on "Hope." It helped me get through what looked like a hopeless situation. I remained strong during this time thanks to prayer and the affirmations I told myself daily. The next time you are going through tough times and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel this guide might help you. Hope is the mainspring of life. Without hope we become lost and have no direction. Whenever you need a boost of hope use these seven affirmations to help you keep on going. Make them a part of your daily life. 1. I can yank myself out of the doldrums by saying, "I can always find a way." I will say this as often as needed. 2. I will create an accomplishment book and write all the positive milestones that happened in my life. Periodically I will review my book, especially on tough days. I will practice positive thinking and keep a good attitude. 3. I will keep aware each day of what is going on in my life at that moment. When I notice that I am slipping into a feeling of hopelessness, I will snap out of it by calling a friend. 4. I will laugh and be joyful each day, as laughter heals. I will smile many times each day as I greet hope. 5. I will find a way to get help and support immediately from a trusted friend, pastor, support group, or a professional therapist. 6. I will find a way to overcome any obstacles that come my way. 7. I will pray or meditate, as it will help me to stay focused on solving my problems and will keep me mentally healthy and alert. My daily prayers will keep my faith strong. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: