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Near the prestigious expensive training class: not to engage in education like pull the circle of friends – Beijing cctv.com news (focus): now there are many kinds of so-called advanced training classes, such as the Internet Financial combat class president, CEO enterprise class, emotional and family workshops, women’s wisdom and innovative business business excellence EMBA, senior seminar and so on, these workshops of different names, their common feature is that all schools run, teacher teaching, publicity is not cheap, the market positioning in the high priced training seminar and the real situation is what kind of? What is the relationship between these training courses and elite schools? Recently, there are many online high class enrollment advertising, involving many fields of enterprise management, financial investment, sexual feelings and real estate, these workshops seemed very high-end, mostly with excellence, elite, President of this name, but some schools said before class also dubbed the name of the high class a common feature is the high fees, some about 700000 yuan, slightly cheaper to 29800 yuan, only one or two years, every month two or three days, count down, a day on average tuition fees from 800 yuan to 16000 yuan a month. Why are these training class so expensive? The reporter saw in the seminar brochures, the class goal is to foster excellent management led Chinese sustained and healthy economic development "," cultivating youth leader, power everlasting, promote social progress ", it sounds like the class indeed some truth so be not of the common sort, is it? Take a look at a seminar, said the class enrollment courses covering business management, cultural philosophy, religious experience and self-cultivation, pay 798000 yuan. Why is it so expensive? Reporters interviewed by telephone the recruitment of teachers. The other side told reporters: the level of this class is very high, no matter from all aspects are high-end, all are more than the past few years, that is, can not find such a high-end class." When a reporter asked further this "beyond" seminar of high-end place, student identity has become an important selling point of the teacher: "we recommend the listed enterprises Mister basically has more than 50, we all basically no university class like this, a class a class light listed Mister chairman and general manager, so many little, inside a class there are dozens of listed enterprises, too difficult." It seems, this price is the high-end class student identity, this situation will not be just a case? The reporter went to a seminar, where tuition is $98000, when a reporter asked why this training class is so expensive? The teacher explained to reporters: "such a class is a class of high-end, tens of thousands of dollars to the threshold is too low, in fact I think everyone to learn can be accounted for 40%, more is what everyone wants to make friends, do you know a group of people than you have what use?" The teacher said, in fact, to come to this class of people are mostly want to expand their contacts, want to get to know a higher level of people, of course, of course.相关的主题文章: