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Stress-Management What may cause stress? Virtually everything: an important meeting, difficult negotiations or a traffic jam are only a few examples of stressful situations. We have no choice – we can’t avoid them and we can’t delay them. For most people the only way that help them cope with increasing stress level is food: a bar of chocolate, candies or cookies. They do it unconsciously, but they still do it as eating is the simplest and very effective short-term stress reliever – unless you overdo it. We all use eating as a method of stress relieving even if we do not consciously notice it. The problems begin when you face serious long-term crisis or simply a prolonged stressful situation (like romantic or family problems). Then eating be.es a habit and soon after you start gaining weight because of high-calorie food you use for stress reduction. In a matter of months your problems cease to be solved by snacks which be.e another serious problem itself. Stress overeating is a serious problem in many jobs. One of them is truck driving. As drivers are always on the road trying to get cargo to its destination on time, the stress levels are very high. Many drivers cope with it by eating to calm down – and in a year or so they find out that while they still have to cope with the same stress, they are twenty pounds heavier than before. Food gives you a feeling of .fort and lets you for a moment think that everything is going to be all right. If you use that attitude to solve problems, that’s ok. However, there are many people who have unconsciously started to rely on food as the only way of coping with stress. For example, there are thousands of mothers around the world who start eating snacks the moment any problems with children starts instead of trying to fix them. Then, they initially feel better, but the problems persist. When they show up next time, mothers eat something sweet again and again and again… As the result they can get on forty-fifty pounds during a single year. The point is that we can’t over.e stress using snacks. It may let us go for an hour or maybe even a day, but it will certainly .e back – stronger and harder to cope with. If you want to lower the stress level, you have to face the stressful situation and find out what really causes the feeling of stress, then eliminate it. You can always do it, regardless of your present situation. It may be hard at times and a quick victory is rarely possible, but you can start improve your life and reduce the stress level to more manageable level. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: