A school in Shandong to eat food students suspected of discipline start the accountability investiga dingxiangwuyuetian

A school in Shandong to "eat food" students suspected of discipline start the accountability investigation and propaganda Beijing October new network – in 14, Shandong Province, Haiyang Municipal Department official informed on the micro-blog 13 local schools referred to students "eat food" events: joint accountability investigation group composed of departments of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, procuratorate and other units has been set up to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the daily supervision work in various fields of Education Bureau, bureau of animal husbandry and territorial units and other departments involved in the school canteen, the existence of dereliction of duty personnel, shall be immediately suspended for investigation, once verified, serious accountability. Recently, the Shandong Yantai Haiyang experimental school canteen store is referred to excellence in pig feed, chicken feed, used to give the students drink boiled Rice porridge. Hundreds of parents to the school to discuss and report to the local government departments. Parents also released multiple shots in the dining hall school of excellence photo appeared throughout the long scar, the mildew Steamed Buns tomatoes and other bad food photos. 13 afternoon, the Haiyang municipal government and the relevant departments responsible person and members of excellence Experimental School Parents Committee held a meeting. The meeting will be informed to the parents of the main representatives of the municipal Party committee and government to solve the problem of parents concerned about the attitude and determination, informed the work of the school after taking over. According to the Bureau of education was informed in excellence experimental school working group report, since the working group took over the school, the school made careful arrangements. Is a city in accordance with the relevant requirements, conscientiously carry out the municipal government to convey a letter to parents of spirit, unwell students arrange physical examination, reception of media, according to the procedures for the transfer procedures work, make the work of the school on the right track. Two is to strengthen the supervision of the canteen. For all-round monitoring of canteen management and operation process, based on the original cafeteria monitoring equipment, and increase the HD probe in the bakery, the dining hall probe reaches 24, ensure food from entering the store, to achieve processing monitoring full coverage, no dead. At the same time, standardize the management of canteens, urging managers to do a good job in cold storage, warehouse management and other work, and do a good job disinfection, morning inspection and improve records. At present, the school canteen management tends to regulate, all kinds of ingredients to ensure safety, improve the quality of food effectively. Three is to coordinate the preparation of the infirmary. According to the actual school students in large scale, in the new school set a 80 square meters of Clinic, equipped with medical devices and conventional medicine, the three hospital of Haiyang hired a doctor in charge of full-time, has been put into normal operation. Four is to eliminate security risks. At present, for all the new fence corridor set up warning signs, the organization of the school health on campus comprehensive clean, clean health corner. Five is to strengthen the campus security work. According to the actual situation of the school students, from the security company new optional security 4, assigned school south gate and west gate, the two gate guards were increased to 4. Strictly implement the registration, entry gate latch system, half past six to nine p.m. all security patrols in all night. At the same time, the new security office equipped with cordless telephone two, according to the standard of security equipment, the South Gate increased 6 probe, Simon 4 probe, the hard disk from the original 500G increase.相关的主题文章: