Adult child playing mahjong more than 20 floor throwing mahjong smashed cars-noiseware

Adult child playing mahjong more than 20 floor throw mahjong before the Chongqing desert a smashed cars, residents of the home, adults playing mahjong play in full swing, but the child threw up on the balcony to play mahjong, hurt the car downstairs. In November 17th 4 pm, Chongqing sand 110 fast at the police team Liu Maoqiao, Li Meiqiang received a report that in Fengtian road a small car was hit in the high-altitude parabolic alarm police rushed to the scene. The hood and windshield was smashed police who is private owner Mr. Liu, the police he brought to the scene, the police see, Mr. Liu is a Volkswagen car, engine cover and car windshield, has been hard hit over it. According to Mr. Liu said, in the afternoon, he is moving, so the car parked downstairs to move things. About 1 hours ago, he found the car was dropped down objects hit, then find the security area. The security community said they rushed over, found upstairs still throw things down, after observation, found that throwing things down is mahjong, is thrown down from the more than 20 floor. In order to avoid injury to passers-by, the security side to stop yelling upstairs, while reminding pedestrians detour. Then, security and Mr. Liu went upstairs, found suspected of throwing things home owners. Originally, the lady of the house, and friends are playing mahjong at home, a few old son play on the balcony, the balcony is just a box of old mahjong, the child is not sensible, he threw the mahjong playing, to provoke the scourge. Great person: children play then, police and Mr. Liu Wuguan together, found someone’s head. The Ms. Wang admitted that his playing mahjong, throwing down the old children playing mahjong. Because only the damaged vehicle front windshield and the hood has smashed traces, Liu analysis, should be thrown up mahjong, to other places, and then splashed on the car, if the direct hit car, probably shangdebuqing. After police coordination, Mr. Liu and Ms. Wang agreed to negotiate compensation. In the 110 police, according to China’s "tort liability law", throwing objects from buildings and causes damage to others, it is difficult to determine the specific infringer, unless they can prove that they are not the tortfeasor, all those who use the building may harm must assume the tort liability. The police to remind the public, balcony, windows and other parts, do not place the goods easily fall, to supervise minors, in order to avoid danger. (Chongqing times)

大人打麻将 小孩20多楼扔麻将砸车日前,重庆沙区一户居民家中,大人打麻将玩得正酣,小孩却在阳台扔起了麻将玩耍,伤了楼下轿车。11月17号下午4点过,重庆沙区110快处队民警刘茂桥、李美强接到报警称,沙区凤天大道某小区私家车被高空拋物砸中,民警接警后火速赶到现场。引擎盖、挡风玻璃都遭砸报警人是私家车主刘先生,他把民警带到现场,民警看到,刘先生是一辆大众小轿车,引擎盖和车挡风玻璃上,有被硬物砸过的痕迹。据刘先生称,当天下午,他正在搬家,所以将车子停在楼下搬东西。 约1个小时以前,他发现车子被高空抛下来的物体砸中,随后找到小区保安。小区保安称,他们赶过来时,发现楼上还在扔东西下来,经过观察,发现扔下来的东西是麻将,是从20多楼扔下来的。为避免伤到路人,保安一边向楼上喊话制止,一边提醒行人绕行。随后,保安和刘先生上楼,找到了疑似扔东西的业主家里。原来,这户人家的女主人,正和朋友在家里打麻将,几岁的儿子在阳台上玩耍,阳台上正好放着一盒旧麻将,小孩不懂事,便扔麻将玩,结果惹了祸端。大人称:小孩玩耍随后,民警和刘先生及物管一起,找到了涉事的户主。当事人王女士承认是自己打麻将时,小孩玩耍抛下了旧麻将。由于受损车辆只有前挡风玻璃和引擎盖有被砸痕迹,刘先生分析,应该是麻将扔下去时,砸到其他地方,然后溅到轿车上的,如果直接砸中,轿车可能就伤得不轻了。经过民警协调,王女士同意和刘先生协商赔偿。沙区110民警介绍,根据我国《侵权责任法》,从建筑物中抛掷物品等造成他人损害、难以确定具体侵权人的,除能够证明自己不是侵权人的外,有可能加害的建筑物的所有使用人都要承担侵权责任。民警借此提醒市民,阳台、窗户等部位,不要放置容易坠落的物品,要监管好未成年人,以免发生危险。(重庆时报)相关的主题文章: