Aerospace experts China has the ability to carry out manned lunar landing

Aerospace experts: Chinese already have carried out the basic ability of manned lunar map: China Temple space station imagination figure original title: Aerospace experts: Chinese already have carried out the basic ability of the No. two temple manned space laboratory in September 15th 22 04 successful launch. On the eve of the launch, the reporter on the Tiangong two space laboratory and China space station construction tasks, interviewed the chief designer of the manned space program Zhou Jianping Chinese. "Tiangong two is a space laboratory in the true sense, shouldering the important China verification of space station construction technology." Zhou Jianping said, in accordance with the manned space engineering three step strategy, China will build a space station around 2020. "The Chinese people have to jump to hard to get the dream, now at your fingertips." He said. For the Chinese manned space, this is a step by step to realize their dreams, is a step by step to dream journey. The dialogue between us and Zhou Jianping revolves around the dream. Dream map: manned space Haoxiliantai, next year into the "space station" reporter: Tiangong two and Shenzhou eleven manned flight mission curtain has been opened, the industry believes that this is the manned space project "second steps" of a key ring. How to interpret the Tiangong two in which the mission and value? Zhou Jianping: as part of a manned space laboratory in our task, main task of Tiangong two space laboratory is: accept the manned spacecraft and cargo spacecraft to visit, examination and verification, the medium-term presence of astronauts additional propellant key technologies such as the space station project, and carry out space medicine, space science experiments and space technology test. And maintenance test and verification test of space station technology. Reporter: 5 years ago, Tiangong-1 (micro-blog) launched the media made a vivid metaphor: a space with "Chinese home". Today, the space is about to usher in a new "home", I would like to ask, this new home where? Zhou Jianping: Tiangong two is actually Tiangong-1 target aircraft backup products, that is to say the space a new "home" in size and structure does not have what change. But the new "home" and "lining" changed a lot. In order to adapt to the new mission requirements, researchers carried out modification and optimization of the temple in many places No. two. For example, in order to meet the test needs additional propellant, the adaptation of Tiangong two, to promote the system to meet the needs; the medium-term presence of manned, livable environment has made a great improvement, ability to support 2 astronauts in orbit 30 days. Reporter: home is the most touching part of the Chinese dream, space Chinese home with the Chinese dream. Over the past few years, from the realization of manned space shuttle, the astronauts out of the extravehicular activity technology to master the spacecraft rendezvous and docking technology…… Home space dreams are wildly beating gongs and drums footsteps in a flower. Zhou Jianping: can be said to be haoxiliantai. In June 25th this year, the long march seven rocket carrying the first flight in Hainan. September 15th, launch of Tiangong two. In October, two male astronauts aboard the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft into space, in the Temple No. two, inside 30 days stay. The first half of next year, day boat one cargo ship will visit the Temple No. two, for the additional push.相关的主题文章: