Afghan girls admit identity fraud had boarded the National Geographic cover

"Afghan girl" that identity fraud has been published in the "National Geographic" covers the more than and 40 year old goulas. June 1985 National Geographic cover. In November 4th, the Pakistan local time in Peshawar, known as the "Afghan girl" Gura appeared in court. Map of China in the 80s of the last century, the United States, "National Geographic" magazine cover a photo shocked countless readers. This photo is the name of the protagonist Sarah Bart · Gula, a pair of eyes seemed to have a keen insight into matters by the media, was widely known as the "Afghan girl". Recently, the long silence of the Gullah in another way once again appeared in public view. She now lives in Pakistan, she was arrested on suspicion of forgery, will receive a fine and imprisonment for half a month. She will be sent back to Pakistan by the end of the sentence. "Afghan girl" was fined and imprisoned for 4 local time, Sarah Bart · Gura lawyer told CNN, Gura has admitted a forged identity documents, illegal charges in Pakistan, she was sentenced to 110 thousand Pakistan rupees ($1050) in fines and imprisonment for 15 days. At the same time, a Pakistan court ruled the day, released from prison after Caligula would be sent back to afghanistan. Gura lawyer Mumba Hill · Nazar said that the party had hepatitis C, taking into account the given condition, the court made the decision. "Gura has spent 11 days in prison," Mr Zal said, this means that she will be the first to be released on the 7, "we have asked the court to release her departure from humanitarian." The Afghan ambassador to Pakistan Consul General of Peshawar Nassim · Kaka generation confirmed the news will be released goulas. "We respect (Pakistan) law, was sentenced to a fine Gura have all paid," Kaka Dai said "7 days, we will be in a decent way, take her back to afghanistan." Gura children will go home together with her". A coincidence to take a photo for the more than and 40 year old Goula under the last century 80s coincidental, the "National Geographic" magazine cover photo is famous, known as the "Afghan girl". In 1984, "National Geographic" Magazine Photographer Mcari came to the Afghan border, attempts to use the camera to record the former Soviet Union and the crisis of the Afghan conflict. A chance, McCurry found class in non formal school girls Gura refugee camp. Mcari was given the eyes attracted, then pick up the camera and took a few old pull photos. Mcari didn’t know her name. In the June issue of National Geographic magazine in second, the picture entitled "Afghan girl" was printed on the cover. The magazine published 1980s attracted worldwide attention, become the conflict in Afghanistan and refugee situation around the world is considered to be one of the symbol, "National Geographic" history of the most famous photos. In December 6, 2012, sponsored by Christie’s auction, this photo to the transaction price of $178 thousand and 900 a day, the highest price of photos. Suspected forged identity card detained in Pakistan Pakistan official said the arrest action from Gura)相关的主题文章: