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Agency: August national land prices rose over 40%   – Finance – original title: Agency: August national land prices rose over 40% in August, the national land market volume decline at the floor price record. Recently, issued a consultation with the policy research department data show that the average floor price of the chain in August 302 national city land market turnover rose sharply from 46% to 1591 yuan per square meter. From the same year, the first tier cities have shown a doubling of land prices. The data show that the month, the city’s 302 cities of all types of land transactions, turnover of an area of 133 million 720 thousand square meters, closing area of the chain, down by 16% and respectively, up to $17%. Among them, 1395 residential land transactions, the transaction area of 43 million 20 thousand square meters, rose 1%, down 5%; commercial land transactions 1295, closing an area of 18 million 370 thousand square meters, the chain fell 11% and 23%, respectively. North Guangzhou Shenzhen four tier cities, due to the phenomenon of high land prices in Shanghai that month, pulling the overall first tier cities premium rose to $34 thousand and 600 square meters. During the month, the first tier cities residential land transactions 12, 480 thousand square meters, the number of transactions increased by more than last month, a total of 5, the transaction area of the chain, up by 22% and respectively, up. Turnover floor price of up to 34610 square meters, continued to show a sharp upward trend in the past month, this month rose by an average of 14%, an increase of more than an increase of up to 1.44 times, a record high in. The Department of policy research consulting research manager Xu Zhijing pointed out that lasted more than a month the amount of price rising, the market almost out of control, while the second tier city land prices more than bread flour too expensive grimace has become the norm. The first half of this year, although some areas have been the introduction of real estate regulation measures, such as Hefei, Suzhou and Nanjing, but most of these policies is "moderate", has not fundamentally curb speculative investment demand, not to prevent overheating in the property market and housing prices rose too fast effect. Land prices are still high, prices are still rising rapidly. (: Sun Yang, commissioning editor Yang Xi)相关的主题文章: