Ai Fukuhara announced the marriage ten years as one day of the porcelain doll for how to make 爱多vcd

Ai Fukuhara announced the marriage ten years as one day of the porcelain doll for how to make? Lead: Ai Fukuhara recently by micro-blog agent discloses her and table tennis player Jiang Hongjie wedding news, people lamented the time flies, a crybaby love to marry a wife sauce! As the color of the fat team to play, love sauce is also the top of the "porcelain doll," the name of the lake for many years, her white skin, it is the best proof of this alias. (source: PClady) Ai Fukuhara parafacialia stunning good skin some enviable love girls especially good-looking, love is the same sauce. Since the opening number in micro-blog, it is often generous drying out the self timer and photos. Drying out the earrings, dress is Jiang Hongjie and her sister donated, and food at the same time show of affection, but also the way to let the fans enjoy. Close look at love sauce skin is really "very good", no stain pox and India fine lines. So what if the world’s third Wuli, but the skin the best love dressing table tennis players, play the best milk muscle beauty ah! Although Ai Fukuhara peacetime training can not play makeup, but love sauce occasionally draw a free makeup, beauty of heaven. Because the skin is white and smooth, even if the self timer is not a little closer to some problems. Makeup is quite fit, do not see the slightest trace of makeup. It seems as long as a good skin, refreshing nude make-up natural fingertips. Ai Fukuhara Ai Fukuhara was born in 1988, is already to have age. Then look at the 14 year old Ai Fukuhara (left), tender juicy, contrast photos now (right), in addition to the big eighteen change, getting better at skin, there is hardly any setback, but increasingly full play run. More than ten years of hard training did not change the state of her skin, she is still the eyes of the lovely porcelain doll. The deep love of beauty and how to develop the steak sauce while Ai Fukuhara Ai Fukuhara tell a northeast words, playing a hand Pinyin text, but people in the end is a native of authentic Japanese girls, Japanese girls naturally inherited the common good skin. Japanese girls are not the absolute pursuit of white, but they have a high degree of fineness and gloss standards. And they can have a good skin, cannot do without the following two reasons: Ai Fukuhara, eating habits in Japan is an island country surrounded by the sea, land, many freshwater lake, so Japanese intake of "white meat" – that is, fish, shellfish and other aquatic products in the diet. In particular, fish, rich in protein, vitamin E C and essential trace elements of human body, low fat content, and easy digestion and decomposition, without the need for special synthetic amino acids, not easy to eat fat. Another very important point is that the Japanese cooking more to raw food, cooking, etc., the pursuit of the taste of things, do not let the rich nutrients in the loss of nutrients. The fried, braised in cooking will not only allow nutrients in meat loss, but also greatly increased the burden on the skin and internal organs. Ai Fukuhara two, skin care costs here, said the cost of skin care not only refers to the purchase of the cost of care products, but also refers to the time spent on beauty in Japanese women. In Japan, beauty salons and drug store with.相关的主题文章: