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Alert: Shenzhen 3 baby severe lead poisoning! Sohu mother before the users through the micro-blog exposure Shenzhen Baoan District city Songgang street a health food store for suspected use "rhinitis medicine", at least 3 children have severe lead poisoning and was dying. Reporters learned yesterday, someone’s shop has been closed in the abnormal state". According to the parents, Mr. Lin, at the beginning of March 2016, because her daughter recurrent allergic rhinitis, located in Songgang street Songgang community public mentality "baicaotang pharmacy" treatment, spent 600 yuan to buy Biyankangfu ointment Zuotang "doctor" issued (nasal spray), spray 4 times every day, before and after using a period of treatment 7 days. At that time, the doctor told him that this is not a side effect of traditional Chinese medicine. I also believe that pure Chinese medicine should be no harm. But 15 days later, her daughter began to abdominal pain, to the hospital for liver function. Since then, more and more serious nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, headache and other symptoms. With the development of economy and the improvement of life and knowledge, environmental problems have become the focus of attention of the society. The lead poisoning of children has been exposed by the media. Someone once said "can also lead the deadly duo wisdom", when the blood lead level of 1000 micrograms liters, can appear convulsion, coma and even death. However, there is no threshold value of lead neurotoxicity, even if the blood lead level of 50 micrograms per liter, IQ and blood lead levels were negatively correlated. Can not help people to lead to some discoloration, clothing, food, shelter, and science, play and other environment have questions about this or that. To lead exposure FAQ on the author | toy research of Tibetan capital Institute of Pediatrics Stationery (crayon) Book Key zipper lead? Children’s toys, large recreational facilities, stationery, paint, paint, paint, paint, etc., if the quality of paint does not meet national safety standards, it will pollute toys, recreational facilities and stationery. Our country has clear provisions on the lead content of children’s toys, stationery or other products, in recent years also gradually began to adopt safe and harmless raw materials, but some manufacturers in order not to increase the cost of production, products can not meet national standards. Therefore, to buy toys, stationery should go to a regular shopping malls (into the formal shopping malls need safety testing certificate and other documents), select the lead free certification icon products. The lead content of the crayon is due to the fact that some of the production enterprises in order to make it bright color, not faded, in the production process of excessive addition of lead salt additives or the use of cheap cheap lead salt additives. It is best to choose the regular market consumer crayons, its packaging should name, manufacturer’s name and address, certificate and logo, and teach the children don’t take off the coat crayon paper stick body painting. Lead pollution of books from substandard ink, etc., especially the lead content of pirated books than the same kind of genuine books up to several hundred times. Therefore, in the choice of books for children to pay attention to the publication of the book is legitimate, whether it is marked with green printing products. Keys and zippers are daily contact with more items. Majority of n相关的主题文章: