An undercover reporter recorded the whole process of manufacturing counterfeit counterfeit watermark-stellarium

An undercover reporter recorded the whole process of manufacturing counterfeit counterfeit watermark instantly into two years ago, when a check of express parcels, courier Xiao Zhou suddenly found a parcel is wrong. At first, Xiao Zhou think these are real money, but carefully he found all the money numbers are the same, Xiao Zhou realized the parcel mail is counterfeit. Since the discovery of people through express mail counterfeit money, Xiao Zhou pay special attention to similar express, slowly he and one where he frequently mail counterfeit people know, but after this man, Zhou added to a "RMB exchange" of the QQ group. In this "RMB exchange group", use "code word when we exchange". For example, the different denominations of counterfeit money, have exclusive jargon, 100 yuan face value of counterfeit money, the code word for "Red Bull" or "Honghuo", a face value of fifty yuan is called the "frog", there are 20 yuan, 10 yuan of "yellow goods" "blue goods", "Purple goods 5 yuan". Members of the group, covering almost all parts of the country, to the provincial capital city, small to the county, villages and towns. Hunan, Hubei, Shandong, among the members of the most, that is to say, these areas of purchasing counterfeit most crazy. The reporters found that the sale price tag of counterfeit money, counterfeit money worth 100 yuan each price 15 yuan, 50 yuan counterfeit 10 yuan each, 3 yuan, 20 yuan, 10 yuan only 1.5 yuan. While shipments of the QQ host "boss" staggering, in this huge network, almost every day there are people looking for him to take the goods, at least 1000 yuan, more than a million, "the daily shipments reached hundreds of thousands of old". Only a day in June 3, 2016, the group’s "boss" sold about one million yuan counterfeit money. Among them, eighteen goods are Guangxi buyers, Hunan is the fifteen of the buyers, millions of counterfeit money mostly to the two provinces. Wait to buy counterfeit money. Later, these members will go to the market to spend their money laundering, commonly known as ""! Is the counterfeit money by money, money for the true way. The object of their money laundering are generally roadside shops, markets and roadside stalls. Because the victim where most of them will choose to swallow, generally not alarm. This group of money laundering has a crazy "money laundering" program, one by one city "cleaning", from the south of Guangzhou, has been washed to the north of the city of Urumqi. Currently, the money laundering army has started operations in Guangzhou, is moving to Jiangxi, Hunan direction. Spread in this group such a crazy slogan: make money make art, spend money hand cramps, money laundering wash all over the Chinese, holding counterfeit money for gold. The counterfeit Gang so crazy, let a person be struck dumb! Let him sell counterfeit money can get the number of illegal profits, if sell counterfeit money are spent, this was how many people deceived? So, these counterfeit money in the end come from? The fraud dens where? Why would make the counterfeit money so realistic? The reporter decided through unannounced visits to expose the truth! Deep channel相关的主题文章: