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And see a doctor to go to school in Shandong version of poor relief personnel support policy released the latest "Shandong version of" poor relief personnel support policy released. The day before the Shandong Provincial People’s government issued "on the implementation of the 2016 file No. 14 to further improve the poor relief personnel supporting system in the implementation of views", provide the basic living security, care, disease treatment, funeral matters, housing security, education aid for poor people in urban and rural areas. Over 16 years of age still can continue to enjoy the reading scope of destitute persons have? Opinions clear, urban and rural elderly, disabled, minors under the age of 16, at the same time with the following conditions shall be included in the scope of poor relief personnel support: no ability to work, no source of income, not dependents debtor or their legal obligations without the ability to fulfill their obligations. The specific measures in accordance with the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the "poor cognizance method", combined with local actual implementation. Poor staff minors under the age of 16, after receiving high school education, compulsory education (including secondary occupation education), higher education, can continue to enjoy the poor relief personnel support treatment. Self-care ability through diagnostic investigation and objective assessment, once incorporated into the scope of poor people, there will be 2 kinds of relief support form dispersed support at home and in the local support services centralized support, poor people can choose, the self-care ability assessment identified with self-care ability, encourage the decentralized support at home; the evaluation is complete or partial loss of self-care ability, priority to provide centralized support services. I apply to the province where I am located in the province to provide assistance to support the content? Mainly includes four items: to provide basic living conditions; life can not take care of themselves; to provide disease treatment. In the hospital, Shandong will pay the individual full funding for poor people to participate in the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents of the part. But poor people in medical expenses paid in accordance with the provisions of the basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance and medical assistance and medical security system is still insufficient, the relief funds to support support. For poor relief personnel supported by himself to the domicile of the Township People’s Government (street offices) submit a written application and submit relevant materials in accordance with the regulations, a written explanation of labor capacity, as well as the source of life support, maintenance, maintenance, authorization check the income, property status. If I have difficulty in applying, I may entrust the village (neighborhood) committee or any other person to apply for it. For those who have no capacity for civil conduct, and so on, the Township People’s Government (street offices) and the village (neighborhood) committee shall take the initiative to help them. (Daily News reporter Yang Lu)相关的主题文章: