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Deputy director of the Anhui Investment Promotion Bureau to work during the business Taobao shop is a serious warning – the Sohu news originally thought with your family’s identity card to open a shop will be relatively safe, did not expect or found out, are victims of their own luck……" Not long ago, Zhao Cuifen, deputy director of China Merchants Bureau, Huaiyuan, the use of family identity card to open a Taobao shop, and privately operated during work, by the party a serious warning. Since June this year, Huaiyuan county to carry out illegal business enterprises special rectification activities, found that many illegal business enterprises and part-time reward behavior in "qingshazhang", put on the cloak, and increase the difficulty. Some party members and cadres to participate in business activities in recent years, along with the central, provincial and municipal relevant regulations, industry and commerce, tax registration will be transferred to the name of the spouse, children or relatives, secretly operating enterprises; some friends and relatives to do business partnership, invested only not to participate in the management activities or business to provide policy advice, by virtue of participate in the shares from dividends or obtain remuneration and allowances; and take on the "Internet economy" express, the use of another person’s identity information in Taobao, WeChat set up shop on or when the agents, to obtain additional income…… "To do business and illegal part-time reward to deal with the issue of hidden variation, must file for investigation, grabbed hold!" To this end, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection of the initiative, the establishment of Party cadres and relatives to do business information database, from financial, auditing and taxation, human agency and other units of professional staff of 37 enterprises of 3 years accounts for the financial review, to carry out in-depth cooperation and market supervision administration, carry out the "three check three": check the business business scope of business, the business scope is in the jurisdiction of the authority of the leading cadres; check to see whether the level of corporate profits, the profit is higher than the industry average, profit distribution is reasonable; check the enterprise salary accounts, to see whether additional part-time staff wages allowance or other subsidies. For a small number of Party members and cadres by others for information on the Internet, WeChat platform set up shop, as agents and other acts, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection contact with the public security system, the network providers take account files + relevant ID information "investigation," online store database search method to identify well hidden in the virtual world of illegal business and part-time behavior. In strengthening the investigation at the same time, Huaiyuan county made "on the non Party cadres illegal business enterprise of the" Regulations "Party cadres family property declaration system and public", regularly organize cadres fill "cadres personal business enterprise self-examination report form", based on the strict implementation of the civil service management system, further strict Party members cadres of spouses and children to do business management, clear party cadres relatives to do business must report to the organization, consent before engaging in business activities. At the same time, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection to set up illegal business do business report column, through WeChat, telephone, website and other channels to expand the investigation, timely investigation of disciplinary clues. As of now, the county has found all kinds of illegal business enterprises and part-time reward of 19, 7 of them by the party and government discipline, the cumulative recovery of disciplinary income 1 million 30 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章: