Assistant to the governor of the central bank to spend public funds reimbursed by the party warning tda7294

The central bank assistant governor of the holidays to spend public funds reimbursement by the party warning – Beijing the day before, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection for public exposure of 6 central and state organs and cadres in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems. In addition, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the official stressed that the Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day is approaching, the discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should tightly focused on the problem of extravagant pleasures, pay close attention to the invisible variation of "four winds", strengthen supervision and inspection, timely interviews have reflected the reminder, found the problem immediately check processing, adhere to a node of a catch. More back the more strict discipline and punishment heavier, typical problems are exposed. Public funds to pay personal holiday spend the people’s Bank of China Party committee member, assistant to the president Yang Ziqiang public funds to pay the cost borne by individuals. From May 30, 2014 to June 2nd, Yang Ziqiang and their families after the Dragon Boat Festival in Qingdao, in Qingdao City branch training center, Qingdao Central Branch of people or articles accompanied by family members, relatives of Yang Ziqiang in the local to the training center for dinner. Related food and beverage, accommodation costs a total of 14473 yuan to use public funds to pay. In June 16, 2016, Yang Ziqiang paid the relevant fees. Yang Ziqiang by the party warning. During the training of illegal public funds organized by the State Food and drug administration, general manager of the Department of emergency management Secretary Mao Zhenbin, during the training organized by public funds and other issues. In May 18, 2015, Mao Zhenbin held in the emergency management department of food and drug safety emergency management system construction training class, evening organize banquets, and dinner meals included in the training class will be illegal cost in public funds settlement. At noon on September 18, 2015, to accept a report to Beijing food and drug safety supervision and Management Bureau of the relevant personnel and banquets, in violation of the relevant provisions of the State Food and Drug Administration in the work at noon drinking. During the investigation, there are not clear Zhenbin hair, deliberately concealing the truth of the behavior. Mao Zhenbin by the party a serious warning, and was removed from office. His classmates and friends of public funds tourism propaganda Intercontinental Press, former president Li Hongjie public funds tourism. In July 2015, Li Hongjie used the machine learning on summer vacation at the Central Party school, and to discuss the project publicity propaganda office in Xinjiang on the grounds that his classmates and friends of Party school Dongmou Yu went to Xinjiang. The trip to Xinjiang for 6 days, Li Hongjie only 1 days to participate in official activities, the rest of the time in China Intercontinental Press, a project group accompanied by relevant personnel to go sightseeing. In the meantime, Li Hongjie and Dongmou, more than one of the travel expenses, violation of the first class of domestic flights and super standard accommodation and other expenses are reimbursed with public funds, and so on, Li Hongjie. Li Hongjie subject to party a serious warning, and was removed from office, restitution shall be personally liable for the total cost of 25290 yuan. The use of illegal part-time Reward Office Ministry of justice, former deputy director of the bus information center, former director Hu Yiding, illegal part-time reward illegal use of the bus. From 2013 to 2015, during a "judicial" Hu concurrently China magazine, irregularities in the reimbursement of personal meals, vehicle use fees, communication fees and other ways to get part-time compensation totaling 49 thousand yuan; in 2014相关的主题文章: