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August: Taiwan Institute of manufacturing business to pick up signs but still remains in the doldrums – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Taipei, September 30 (reporter Liu Gang Xu Xueyi) Taiwan Institute of economic research published on the 30 August economic trends, shows the individual industry pick up signs of stable manufacturing, but overall remained sluggish on behalf of the yellow and blue lights. This is a hospital for second consecutive months given the manufacturing boom yellow and blue lights. Before July of this year, Taiwan manufacturing had continuous blue light flashed 15 stars on behalf of the recession. The prosperity signal Taiwan Institute provides the main component of the project, 4 projects, 1 to reduce the fraction. Among them, the demand side to increase the maximum increase of 0.94 points, the operating environment increased by an average of 0.78 points, the raw material input and cost side increased by 0.32 points and 0.21 points, the price side is reduced by 0.93. On the whole, August manufacturing boom signal value is increased by 1.32 to 11.84. At the same time, decline in the proportion of blue light decreased from 47.19% in July to 17.41% in August, the yellow and blue lights downturn increased from 50.65% to 67.59%, flat light is increased from 2.16% to 12.39%, the red light yellow on behalf of the ascending increased from 0 to 2.60%. However, there is still no red light in August. The Taiwan Institute pointed out that, thanks to exports for 2 consecutive months of positive growth, the annual growth rate of export orders and confirmation, to provide the manufacturing demand for energy, manufacturing boom in August to lay the foundation for stable temperature. But the boom has improved, the experts generally conservative attitude, think it can only say that the economy is stabilized, as to whether it can still be observed until the end of the real reversal.相关的主题文章: