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Subwoofer Definition: A loudspeaker designed to reproduce bass frequencies. Subwoofer Selection Tips When deciding to upgrade your audio system, adding a subwoofer can improve performance. Adding volume at sub frequencies is like adding a third dimension to your music. Whether you’re thinking about building a new audio system, or just adding one (or more) subwoofers to your factory system, this addition will give you the single, largest sonic improvement. Adding even a little bass gives a huge improvement. Selecting a subwoofer can be confusing. There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before actually running out and buying woofers. What type of sound are you looking for? There are two main camps in the sound world: Sound Quality (SQ) or Sound Pressure Level (SPL). Sound Quality refers to just that.. An SQ System generally uses a smaller woofer and requires a smaller enclosure. A sealed enclosure would typically work best for this application. SPL, alternatively, is for you Big Bass Lovers. Sealed enclosures are also referred to as Acoustic Suspension enclosures. When a speaker is put in a sealed enclosure, the pressure trapped in the box and restricts the cone movement, so the air inside the enclosure acts as a spring. The tinier the enclosure, the more pressure is exerted against the cone under movement. With a sealed enclosure of predetermined volume, we can also predict the cut-off frequency and Q* of the system. Sealed enclosures will also forgive minor mistakes in design (up to 10 percent), without major effects on sonic performance. The real advantage is that they just consume less space, not to mention they’re easier to design and construct. Ported enclosures are very similar to a sealed enclosure in construction, but include an additional opening for an attached port. This allows the rear-radiated energy to be phase inverted (matched in time) and to be.e in phase with the energy from the front of the speaker cone, essentially doubling the effective cone area. The main negative with a ported enclosure is that the design and construction are not very forgiving of errors. Unlike a sealed box, you must determine a number of different parameters: the box volume, tuned frequency, port area, and port length. But, the advantage is great you’ll get more output with the same number and size of woofers. However, with all of that additional output there’s always a trade off. More bass naturally means more space. Generally speaking, ported enclosures will be to be 30- to 40-percent larger than a sealed enclosure. You’re probably thinking, can a ported enclosure sound as well a sealed enclosure? The answer is, yes, but it’s different in that it will have a slight peak around the tuning frequency (35 Hz) and roll off very quickly. Both types of enclosures have true supporters. What you use really boils down to your application and how they load in your vehicle. How much space are you willing to give up? Now, that you’ve determined your music tastes, you’ll need to choose which one of the enclosures will fit your needs and your vehicle. Before you make your purchase, it’s also a good idea to find out how much air space and what type of enclosure is required for your dream woofers. Most manufacturers will have both specifications for sealed and ported applications. This information can be found several ways: through your local dealer, via the Internet, or by calling the manufacturer’s technical department. When in doubt, ask your dealer to help you determine the best woofer(s) for your application. How much money should you spend? This can be somewhat subjective. Many believe that the greater amount you spend, the more bass you’ll get. There surely is some truth to that, but I found that a lot of people get hung up on specs that really are not vital. For example, I wouldn’t buy a woofer strictly based on its peak power handling capability, or by trying to match an amplifier’s output power to a speaker input power. Here are three important subwoofer specifications to look for: Fs: The frequency at which the woofer naturally likes to resonate (like a tuning fork). The lower the Fs, the lower the driver will sound natural. X-MAX: The amount of voice coil windings that overhang the top plate of the magnet assembly. This shouldn’t be confused with excursion they’re two unique measurements that go hand-in-hand. In most applications, the larger the number the better. Think of it this way: Woofers behave like giant air pistons; the more the pistons move, the more SPL you’ll generate. BL: The BL product is a measurement of the force (power) generated by the speakers’ motor. The more BL product, the more control the woofer will have over the cone. Does the installation matter? Yes, the installation is key. In a home system installation, where the installation is essentially plug-and-play, installation accounts for a very small percentage of the sound quality and is pretty hard to mess it up. Most home receivers have everything built into one unit and the engineers have taken most of the guesswork out. There’s no level matching between .ponents and definitely no subwoofer enclosure building. In a vehicle, it’s much different the installation takes a lot more skill and accounts for about 80 percent of the success of how the system will sound. In fact, the installation is is everything. Think of it this way: If you build a house with a poor foundation, the house will always have a poor foundation and will never be able to support the house. If you’re installing it yourself, or if you’re going to have your local shop put it in, do a little homework and it’ll go a long way. Make sure you calculate the correct volume for your enclosure and use quality materials like MDF or Fiberglass. Should you be concerned about safety? Safety is one of the most overlooked things in car audio. I’m specifically talking about mounting subwoofer enclosures they usually just don’t get mounted to the vehicle. Can you imagine getting into an accident and having a 75-pound box fly through your car? Recently, several people have been killed because of this unnecessary tragedy it really is serious. My advice: bolt your bumps down… If you follow these tips, you too can reap the rewards of Great Bass. 相关的主题文章: