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The aviation safety need legal support "hang" (dialogue) – the rule of Law — people.com.cn recently, the Civil Aviation Administration of Chinese issued the "people’s Republic of China Civil Aviation Law" (Revised Draft), highlight the strengthening of aviation safety supervision and protection of consumers’ rights and interests, in order to ensure the safe and orderly development of the civil aviation activities, maintenance of civil aviation activities the rights and interests of the parties. August 26th, the reporter on civil aviation safety, consumer protection and other issues, interviewed Guo Junxiu, director of the China Air Transport Association law committee. Reporter: security is the lifeline of the civil aviation industry. But in recent years, the "machine" incident occurred frequently, causing great harm to air transport safety and order. How do you think the law should protect the safety management of civil aviation industry? Guo Junxiu: China’s Public Security Administration Punishment Law, "public air passenger transport flight security rules", "civil aviation transportation airport aviation security rules" on machine trouble has prescribed, but the punishment is too light or harmful behavior is not corresponding to the new regulations. The draft by the way of enumeration, all illegal acts related to civil aviation transportation are classified as acts of unlawful interference, including: hijacked flight or aircraft, ground broke into the airport or aircraft, aviation facilities, stormed the aircraft cockpit, forced to intercept aircraft or other mobile phone use in violation of the provisions; prohibit the use of electronic equipment and other 14 kinds of situations, ranging from relatively comprehensive. At the same time, the draft also clear that the implementation of civil aviation safety and order to endanger the illegal acts of interference, the circumstances are particularly serious, the fine can be increased to less than fifty thousand yuan. The Civil Aviation Law Amendment acts of unlawful interference of civil aviation will rise from the departmental rules and regulations as the law, its influence is positive and far-reaching, suggested that the legislature will list acts of unlawful interference draft according to the results and the degree of harm behavior more detailed provisions for the actual operation. Reporter: in reality, the flight delay service and compensation issues have been of concern, but the draft is only a principle requirement should be done to inform the passengers and the corresponding service information. What do you think is the best way to solve this problem? Guo Junxiu: how about the flight delay, after the Civil Aviation Authority issued "China civil aviation passenger and baggage domestic transport rule" has different causes of irregular flight provides Follow-Up Services relevant contents. Recently, the Ministry of Communications issued the provisions of the normal flight management, but also to further clarify the main responsibility for the flight delays and the protection of rights and interests, regulate and guide the protection of civil aviation flight delays and services. At present, the biggest contradiction between airlines and passengers focus on the issue of flight delay compensation. Consumers often think that as long as the flight delays, the airline will be compensation. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. The Civil Aviation Law of the people’s Republic of China stipulates that the carrier shall be liable for the loss caused by the delay in the carriage of passengers, baggage or cargo in the air transport, and at the same time, it provides for the exemption of the carrier. This requirement is consistent with the contents of the international convention, if only delay, and no economic losses, no compensation. But from the service point of view, due to the carrier’s cause of flight delays相关的主题文章: