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Baby Tang Yan playing the neutral wind skirt collocation sports shoes second big legs lead: since skirt and high heels mentioned seems to be linked with the rise, however, ladies shoes and sports shoes trend, more and more women choose the liberation of their feet, whether it is sports shoes wear dresses or skirts are neutral with double love the wind is full, convenient and comfortable at the same time it is also a little more elegant cool feeling, wonderful collocation who can not love with! Sports shoes sports shoes when non single product is the most tide season, and the most practical way to wear a single product belonging to all kinds of dresses. What happens when they meet? So comfortable and Chic will come the other! Whether you wear short, medium and long skirts can be matched with sports shoes. Take off your heels and put on your sneakers! Sports shoes + skirt skirt leg lengthening effect as we all know, sports shoes with a lot of energy is the best partner of the skirt. But babies have not noticed, the stars wore a retro style waist, chest following all the legs have what problem. Alexander · Ambrosio (Alessandra Ambrosio) Alexander (Alessandra Ambrosio) Ambrosio · left the nightclub was shot. Her white stripe neck short T-shirt, a flash light blue denim jacket, black shoulder bag, wearing black leather zipper foot black mini skirt, casual shoes. Angelababy Angelababy airport. She was wearing a black hole Givenchy letter print T-shirt, a camouflage jacket, Alexander McQueen black floral print handbag shoulder, wearing a black sequined mini skirt, white shoes foot Adidas. Di Ali Gerba Di Ali Gerba airport. She was wearing a silver mirror Gentle Monster sunglasses, wearing a Supreme gray sweater shoulder black chain bag, wearing a black miniskirt, foot Chanel silver black color fisherman shoes. Tang Yan Tang Yan airport. She wore a MLB black baseball cap, wearing a black cat eye sunglasses, wearing a white striped T-shirt, shoulder Louis Vuitton black chain bag, wearing black stars embroidered skirt, foot white casual shoes. Wearing a striped dress collocation mosaic color mosaic striped dress, foot color flower shoes, with a color hand bag to let you become the highlights of the street. Single product recommendation 1. OSCAR DE RENTA Jacquard Dress, $3790.79 2, LA. BALENCIAGA palladium color ring, $300 3. CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Geometric Pandora organic glass hand bag, $1859.22 4.RAG & BONE Kent imitation snake hightops, $506.97 dress to choose high slit high split skirt, has 0相关的主题文章: