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Bank of China report warned the property market risk: there is no doubt that the bubble Beijing morning news (reporter Jiang Fan) China’s real estate market bubble has no doubt." Yesterday, the Bank of China Institute of international finance macroeconomic and policy director Zhou Jingtong in the fourth quarter of 2016, the economic and financial outlook report meeting, said the property market risk concerns. This year, China’s property market has been almost crazy rise. Data show that more than 100% cities housing prices rose more than. In Zhou Jingtong seems, despite the introduction of relevant policies in various parts of the relevant policies, but the current panic demand still occupy a larger proportion. "The current situation is not limited to the price policy is not effective, but the introduction of late." Bank of China Institute of international finance senior researcher Li Peijia believes that individuals and businesses are still in real estate, has been formed from the first tier cities to the two or three tier cities transfer effect. This year, real estate has become an important factor in China’s economic growth. Whether it is the performance of industrial development or banking, real estate is an important force to pull the important. Bank of China in the four quarter of 2016, economic and financial outlook report pointed out that the Chinese economy in the three quarter, the emergence of signs of stabilization of investment, mainly relying on real estate and infrastructure investment growth picked up. The bank also predicted that in August after the new credit is expected to rebound than expected, in September the credit is likely to show a certain degree of rebound. The main factor to support the continued rebound in credit in September, the domestic market is still hot property market, the purchase of credit limit policy is lagging behind. However, although the real estate for the steady growth of the economy play a supporting role, but in Zhou Jingtong’s view, the negative effects will rapid growth caused by the larger, "this could lead to economic China off the virtual reality and social capital cost increases and increases the gap between rich and poor." Property market has become one of the uncertainties in the fourth quarter economic development. Bank of China report pointed out that the stock is mainly to go to the real estate inventory, inventory, wide currency and expected changes in the common role of the irrational rise in the property market. The future, macro policy should go to inventory, to squeeze the bubble, but also steady growth, how to deal with difficult choices. And is expected in the second half of China’s economic growth will remain at around 6.7%, unchanged from the first half. "The next few months is a critical period of real estate development." Zhou Jingtong believes that can be expected around the price control policy is still continuously introduced, the property market for the targeted easing is already impossible to overweight, and now prices rose City limited, there is no price of the city state. At the same time, the RMB exchange rate is still downward pressure on domestic liquidity, capital tense will form the constraints for the property market. Around the tightening of housing policy in Nanjing issued "on August 11th as one falls, another rises, the adjustment of Nanjing city land auction, public sale of commercial housing loans Shoufu ratio of opinion"; the Suzhou municipal government issued "on Further Strengthening the implementation of the Suzhou urban real estate market management". August 17th, Langfang issued on further standardize the order of the real estate market in Langfang notice. August 18th, Wuhan hair theory相关的主题文章: