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Barcelona ace injury returned invalid Spain cripple buried victory [collection] Italy 1-1 Spain Buffon De Rossi equalised Barcelona mistakes (official website data) wing back injury, the club and the national team is a great loss to the Tencent sports news October 7th Spain lost a good board off Italy, Ramos sent a penalty to blame, but the root cause of the last half hour a lot of the situation out of control, such as Barcelona winger Alva back injury, coach loppert Kyrgyzstan as Ventura and so on all substitutions. "I’m on the team’s rebound is not surprising, this is our DNA", Italy goal hero De Rossi said after the proud, perhaps this is the fact that the western media also lamented in the vice Rome goal, "this is the Italy team beat to death, but Spain last half hour state continued to decline, is chaotic its worth reflection, especially Lopez Terje’s forces. Lopet Jishou array is successful, Silva retreated before the free market in midfield as pass the ball, bittolo a person as the left and right wings strike mission, formation of approximately 4312, once let the Italians not to touch the ball skin. But the center Diego Costa as X unstable factors, the performance is too active, creating opportunities and indeed many, but also a continuous slap Bonucci, the referee blew the whistle on the offside still shot to vent their anger, almost eat red card penalty. The team leader after only 12 minutes, with Lopez Terje morata for Diego – Costa, to avoid trouble. However, seemingly safe substitution, but the lack of support to Spain frontcourt fulcrum, morata hard like Chelsea (Data Center) as back – houchangchangzhuan, took the ball or cut in the assault, Real Madrid (data) did not play the main force of the former Juventus (official website data center), the former Comrade Bonui singled out by the frequent breakthrough Italy in the back, but not a successful person, even with short than Costa, Chelsea center 2 times for his teammates cannon, Real Madrid striker is 0. The last round of World Cup squad after morata lightning may open two degrees, but the center position after the switch, the impact velocity and the strength of Spain but lost the fight. To 83 minutes, the Italy offensive gradually and tied the score, Kyrgyzstan loppert replaced by Tiago bittolo, trying to strengthen the midfield ball, solidity, but Silva Iniesta (data) and other veterans at fitness can not catch up with rivals, to play the five midfield but is of no avail, less side bittolo this horse, counter the power weakened further, Ruofeiyinmobilai an offensive offside door once spurned the chance, a little slower, cripple Spain would be 3 points with 0 points to go home to send. Alva after 21 minutes back injury, impact on the team is not small, he assists in the left sleeve, is an important supporting point of Iniesta and Silva zhisai ball. Barcelona wing double Nacho, the Real Madrid defender is marvellous, but assists ability is limited, can occasionally play left back assault shot, can pass in and not its strengths. Lopez Terje can make Vitolo as the single wing, but also for fullback Alva Carvajal and assists with outstanding ability, are approximately half a winger, but Barcelona fullback back injury, the left is lame in one leg. The)相关的主题文章: