Be gone! AC Milan former king of heaven fought in United States Grand Alliance teamed Kaka-matlab 等高线�

Be gone! AC Milan former king fought the United States together Kaka Nocerino will be fought in the American big alliance sina sports news Beijing standard time on February 4th Italy news media, AC Milan midfielder Nocerino has finally decided to join the American League team Orlando city team, the two clubs will be in the next 24 hours to officially announce the news. The 30 year old Nuoqielinuoben season two appearances for Milan AC, according to "Turin sports newspaper" the news today, Nocerino has agreed to join the major league team Orlando City, in collaboration with former team mate Kaka again. A few days ago, Holland midfielder and Milan after the termination of the contract has joined another team of the major league – Losangeles galaxy. Despite the end of the winter transfer season in Italy, it does not prevent the players from leaving, and the transfer window of the American League will be closed until February 18th. Nocerino joined AC Milan in 2011. He was very successful in his first season in Milan. He scored 11 league goals in a single season. With excellent performance, he was also selected for the Italy national team to play in the 2012 European Cup list. However, from the beginning of the second half of 2012, nuoqielinuo state all the way down, gradually lose their position in the team, the last few transfer period AC Milan has been hoping to move him, but are unable to do so. (sky blue)

走了!AC米兰昔日天王转战美国大联盟 联手卡卡 诺切里诺将转战美国大联盟   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月4日意大利媒体消息,AC米兰中场诺切里诺终于决定加盟美国大联盟球队奥兰多城队,双方俱乐部将在未来24小时之内正式宣布这一消息。   现年30岁的诺切里诺本赛季只为AC米兰出场两次,按照《都灵体育报》的消息,诺切里诺今天已经同意加盟美国大联盟奥兰多城队,与前队友卡卡再次合作。几天前,荷兰中场与米兰提前解约后已经加盟大联盟的另一支球队――洛杉矶银河。   尽管意大利方面的冬季转会期已经结束,但并不妨碍球员离开,美国联赛的转会窗口到2月18日才会关闭。   诺切里诺在2011年加盟AC米兰,他在米兰的第一个赛季非常成功,单赛季打进11个联赛进球,凭借出色的表现他也入选了意大利国家队参加2012年欧洲杯的大名单。然而从2012年下半年开始,诺切里诺状态一路下滑,在队中逐渐失去位置,最近几个转会期AC米兰一直希望把他送走,但都未能如愿。(天蓝)相关的主题文章: