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Be serious! Gestational diabetes, this thing is very serious! Sohu – Health World Diabetes Day prevention and control by the WHO (WHO) and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) jointly launched in 1991, aims to arouse the government, the media and the public interest in the work of prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus. Xiao Bian in obstetrics and gynecology doctors chat with that, a lot of pregnant and pregnant girls are focused on the baby is not healthy in the stomach? Their intake of nutrients is not rich enough? Now the standard of living has been good, malnutrition is less and less, and pregnancy "diseases" are more and more, many girls imperceptibly had gestational diabetes, and also can’t realize the impact of this disease on yourself and your baby will be very serious. What is gestational diabetes? So confused! Don’t worry, listen to a small down and then said! Q1: what is gestational diabetes? There are two kinds of diabetes during pregnancy, a pre pregnancy has been diagnosed with diabetes, called gestational diabetes; the other one is before pregnancy with normal glucose metabolism or potentially impaired glucose tolerance and pregnancy appeared or diagnosed diabetes, also known as "gestational diabetes (GDM)". More than 80% of diabetic pregnant women were GDM. Q2: what’s wrong with my body? During pregnancy, pregnant women produce insulin resistance, decrease in insulin sensitivity, some pregnant women can not be fully in sugar metabolism, increase blood sugar will appear. Q3: what are the problems that sugar moms will encounter? The majority of patients with GDM glucose metabolism can return to normal after the birth, but in the future the risk of type II diabetes increased. And diabetes pregnant women after a complex clinical, mother and child have risks. 1, macrosomia cause some difficulties in childbirth in pregnant women can’t metabolize sugar into their blood high blood sugar, the other is some fetal absorption, the sugar will be converted to fat and protein, and the fetal weight will grow faster than normal, to the full month, macrosomia is produced. 2, neonatal low blood sugar can cause brain damage brain energy demand, mainly by blood sugar to provide energy. GDM after the birth, because insulin secretion is exuberant, the mother can no longer provide enough blood support, baby will lead to decreased blood sugar, if not treated, will have a profound impact on the mental development of children. 3, macrosomia in early pregnancy is easy to sick abnormal blood sugar increased, incidence of fetal congenital heart disease, anencephaly and deformity of the higher than normal children, GDM children grow up in the probability of obesity is also larger, will become susceptible to various diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Q4: what are you going to do when you are pregnant and pregnant? 1, diabetic patients should accept the doctor in the preparation of pregnancy advice, do pregnancy plan; 2, 24-28 gestational weeks, glucose tolerance test, do oral glucose tolerance test (75 g OGTT); can also advance 50 grams of glucose screening test positive for OGTT, need to be confirmed. Q5: it’s been a pregnant mom!相关的主题文章: