Best Features And Accessories For The Upcoming Lg

Mobile-Cell-Phone It was not too long ago that all touch screen phones were considered the most premier and therefore the most pricey cell phones that were on the market. However, seeing how touch screen phones have now been established as a norm in out society, they have become more affordable and than ever before. The LG Encore embodies this movement, in where this cell phone is affordable, and embodies the perfect touch screen for modern cell phone users. With its updated internet features, extensive entertainment options, and good call quality, the LG Encore is the ideal phone for an enormous range of people. Probably the best feature of the phone is its unbeatable affordability. Whereas many people have become accustomed to paying two to three hundred dollars for a good quality touch screen phone, the Encore sells for a low price of $49.99. This low price is not a reflection of the phone’s quality; the LG Encore has simply been targeted towards the average person, and its remarkably low price is a part of its marketing appeal. The only difference that one will find between the LG Encore and more expensive touch screen phones is a slightly simpler menu layout on the former. The phone also possesses numerous entertainment features that will keep users occupied for hours. The phone has a built-in MP3 player with a surprisingly clear audio quality, and also has a handy 3-megapixel digital camera. Additionally, the phone is specially designed for surfing the Internet. Several internet apps are available to be downloaded onto the phone, such as an email app, an instant messaging app, and a social networking app that is compatible with Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Users can customize the phone with up to three home screens- one for contacts, one for widgets, and one for shortcuts. The cell phone is 3G wireless compatible. The Encore’s physical design also confers several distinct benefits on its users. Compared to most touch screen phones, the LG Encore is notably thin and really lightweight, making it ideal for pocket transport. The touch screen is wide enough to permit easy use but not so broad that it is uncomfortable to handle. Although such a large screen might present concerns about regular wear and damage, these problems can be easily prevented with the use of screen protectors. The phone’s design is also very sleek and stylish, and can be further enhanced by the use of accessories such as a Bluetooth headset or chic charms and key chains. The LG Encore is the ideal smart phone for any modern consumer who wants all the benefits of these high-end phones without paying the huge pricetag. Although some of the more expensive phones on the market may possess slightly more sophisticated layouts, the Encore accomplishes all of the basic abilities of these phones at a fraction of the price. The LG Encore makes it possible for anyone to enjoy amazing features that most smart phone’s have. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: