Car Battery Cost May Reduce By Half In 2015-hamimelon

Automobiles Ouyang Ming Gao, director of the China Automotive Safety and Energy National Key Laboratory said in Shanghai, at present, the Chinese market has been identified to choose lithium iron phosphate technology-based of power battery, expected by 2015, the population of electric vehicles reached 1 million, power battery production capacity reached 10 billion watts, car battery costs will be reduced by half. Ouyang Ming Gao made the remarks in a "direct access to the 2030 World Expo and the automotive industry for sustainable development" summarizes forum jointly held by SAIC and General Motors in Shanghai World Expo car museum on October 15. Ouyang Ming gao is a team leader of Major projects of 863 energy-saving and new energy vehicles, also the members of the automotive industry, "the 12th Five-Year Plan" expert Group. According to the China Securities Journal reporter at the meeting to understand, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Science and Technology earlier is formulating related policy for new energy vehicles. Led by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the development of electric vehicle technology "12th Five-Year" special plan has completed, China plans to promote the development of electric vehicle industry chain, Battery, motor, electric control to become the core of future development. Ouyang Ming Gao said that the convergence of two major trends of the car miniaturization and power electrification is the future direction of "Twelve Five", small electric cars already have the potential for commercialization and technology maturity. China’s electric vehicle demonstration project has reached ten thousand levels, but the battery is very expensive. Ouyang Ming Gao think that currently the battery’s energy is still relatively low, it is difficult to fully meet the needs of mid-size sedan. The current focus is under the demonstration offered by government subsidies, especially focused on public transport demonstration. Hybrid in the cost and other aspects still exist challenges, short-term fuel cell is mainly to the cutting-edge research. In the forums gap, SAIC chairman Hu Maoyuan said, SAIC new energy targeting car driven power trend, the specific technology development route based on the power-driven as main direction. In accordance with the Group’s ‘second five’ plan, new energy vehicles of SAIC target market share in 2015 will be synchronized to the traditional car market share to reach 20%. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: