Changde 7 year old woman looking for help to find the sun sun police help Mid Autumn Festival reunio mycoolboy

Changde 7 year old woman eager to help the police throughout the city to find the sun for Mid Autumn Festival original title: Changde 7 year old woman eager to help the police throughout the city to find the sun seeking help is a mid autumn festival from September 15th coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival, morning 9 am, Changde City, Wuling Public Security Bureau police brigade received two prevention and control of an old man called the police, his grandson out of two days has not returned, please help the police to find. The police through the investigation and search for more than an hour, in the city on foot at an Internet cafe in the city to find success, let the old man in the Mid Autumn Festival and grandson reunion. At 9:30 in the morning, police and two brigade police after receiving the alarm, rushed to the scene and found that the alarm is a 70 year old grandma tang. After understanding, grandma Tang is the thunder temple, looking for two days without contact with the family’s grandson. Tang grandmother told the police, grandson likes to play online games, and friends live near the city. The police on the one responsible for the management of warning conversation. Is a network correspondent Guo Shuang photo police understand the situation, immediately walk near the city of Internet search, hard work pays off, after more than an hour, the police in an Internet cafe in the city walk successfully Tang grandmother grandson found, because of continuous Internet, grandma Tang grandson red eyes, looking haggard. Subsequently, the police were criticized for its education and management of Internet cafes, the person in charge of the warning conversation, one requires strict management, prohibit minors online and Internet impersonation identity. Tang grandmother is also happy to go home with grandchildren, and expressed gratitude to the police. Police understand the situation related to the elderly. Still a network correspondent Guo Shuang photo is reported that the police often receive young people for various reasons and away from home for help, but also found a lot of rebellious teenagers. In this regard, the police reminded: for rebellious adolescence, parents and children to communicate in a timely manner, give the child a love and patience to teach, to avoid a similar situation occurs again. (trainee reporter Zhu Jiasi reporter Wang Lang)相关的主题文章: