Chen Cheng talk about 1937, China and Japan power gap

Chen Cheng talked about 1937, China and Japan, the gap between the [Abstract] northeast is the lifeline of China, after 918 to Japan to include. Although the economic foundation of Japan is very fragile, it is necessary to make up for its shortcomings in Northeast China, but in our country, it is tantamount to the loss of economic lifeline. From "Chen Cheng’s memoirs", Oriental press before the war, the Sino Japanese national strength disparity is very big, not to have the Chinese cannot but, say the truth. So the chairman in twenty-four years (1935) five seats in Congress declared "peace not to despair, never give up until the last moment of peace; no sacrifice, no more sacrifice". These two words painful and tragic, hand on humanitarian grounds, tell our enemies, don’t start war; a stand in the national position, said China humiliation, has its limits, really compelling, China also at the expense of all. Unfortunately, Japanese relies on its strong national strength, non China the match, that China war is self defeating, so they will in twenty-six years (1937) July 7th off the Lugou Bridge flames. Peace is completely hopeless, and the final sacrifice is drawn. At that time, China and Japan to what extent, in this section, I would like to make a simple comparison. First of all, in terms of armament, the comparison between the forces of Japan, when the war began, the land, sea, air force, both in terms of quality and quantity are absolute advantages. Their active duty soldiers, although only three hundred and eighty thousand people, but the reserve and reserve is a total of two million people; first, the number of additional soldiers of about two million and four hundred thousand people, a total of four million and four hundred thousand people. Navy Yibaijiushiyuwan tons. The air force aircraft Erqianqibaiyu frame. China’s military service system is still in the start-up, only the active Army soldiers Yibaiqishiyuwan, replacements of about five hundred thousand people. Navy one hundred and ten thousand tons, less than Japan’s 1/10. Air force only fighter three hundred and five, all kinds of aircraft with a total of only six hundred. I have one hundred and eighty-two division of the army designation, but is expected to be used in the initial combat troops first, only eighty infantry divisions, nine independent brigades, nine cavalry divisions, two artillery brigades, sixteen independent regiment. (two) military service and manpower mobilization are compared to the conscription system in Japan, where men aged between the ages of seventeen and up to the age of forty have the duty to serve themselves. The total population of Yiyilingwubaiyuwan people, the number of people can be mobilized for Erqianqibaibashiyuwan. Military service is divided into: 1 standing military service: active duty: 38, 0000, 738, 000: reserve. 2 reserve: 879, 000. 3 first supplement: one, 579, and 000. 4 supplementary forces: nine, five, 000, second. 5 overview: human mobilization: 27, 83 0, 000, eight, 0, 86 numbers: 000. Our country in twenty-two years (1933) was released as a result of the military service law, the conscription system for such a long time, as concerns the fact that not to waste. Twenty-five years (1936) March, by the implementation of the military service law, but still adopt the parallel way to recruit. But the long war began, in our country the system of military service and manpower mobilization, are inadequate to meet the requirements of Anti Japanese war. During the war of resistance against Japan in the eight years, the military service system was changed at any time.相关的主题文章: