Chen Guangbiao company engraved chapter machine carved a number of state organs false seal-dingxiangwuyuetian

Chen Guangbiao in the company of the engraving machine carved pieces of state organs in Chen Guangbiao’s false seal engraving machine reporter Yan Yaobin Beijing reported in Nanjing in August 8th, "Chinese business" has exclusive disclosure, more than 170 Pieces of fake seal Chen Guangbiao company involving exposure to the Ministry of Commerce, Hua Cishan, Federation of the Red Cross in Jiangsu Province, Nanjing the district court and the home of Chen Guangbiao Sihong county middle school and other units. Informed sources, its main purpose is to participate in a variety of engineering bidding and the production of a variety of honorary certificates. In the evening, Chen Guangbiao responded by its Sina micro-blog. In its response, said the incident was suspected of forging the official seal of the company’s senior executives, economic disputes involving the amount of more than 300 million yuan. Afterwards, the former deputy general manager of the company Jiang criminal detention by the police, at present, Jiang has been released on bail. Prior to Chen cursor to accept the Legal Evening News interview, said he found that he found a number of deputy chief office of the alleged counterfeit seal, then reported to the public security organs. In this regard, Chen Guangbiao two former executives to restore the reporting process at that time. False seal occurred in March 21st. An executive to accept "business" Chinese Zhang said in an interview: in March 21st the day of the accident, Chen Guangbiao suspected when the Huangpu corporate, general manager Zhang Sike seal, so the alarm. Subsequently, Nanjing District, Jiangning district police station came to the Huangpu company. Chen Guangbiao asked to search the general manager Zhang’s office, Zhang was rejected, Chen Guangbiao called professional lock open office Zhang was forced to search. After a search, the police did not find in the office of the office of the office of a forged seal. Another executive said, on the opposite side of general manager Zhang’s office, another deputy general (mentioned Chen Guangbiao in response to Jiang) office, and the vice president since 2009 has arrived in Huangpu, left in 2014. "In August 2015, Chen Guangbiao will be the general manager of the company changed Zhang, Zhang and the left has been sent back to the deputy general. So Chen Guangbiao has been regarded as the general manager zhang." The executives said Zhang, the vice president in 2013 after the request of Chen Guangbiao Sike some false seal, therefore, Chen Guangbiao suspected that the vice president may also carved a fake seal for the general manager Zhang, and told the police, the deputy general office also has a fake chapter. The executives told the China business reporter, when the police searched the deputy general office, the vice president of the initiative will be stored in the office of more than 170 Pieces of fake seal took out, handed over to the police. "Chen Guangbiao estimated unexpectedly, a seal is basically in the behest of Chen Sike, including a plurality of state organs fake seal." The executives said, according to his understanding, was taken away by the deputy chief in the public security organs when asked to explain the contents of all. "Fake seal" exposure in August 8th day, the reporter on "whether the company in March 21st was seized fake seals" interview with Chen Guangbiao, he denied taking "busy" to hang up the phone. In Nanjing City, Jiangning Public Security Bureau confirmed shortly after the fake seal "Chen Guangbiao was offered to the reporter called and changed.相关的主题文章: