Chengmai Jin Jiang river swimming 14 students 3 people were washed away yet to find the new network zghd

Chengmai Jin Jiang river swimming 14 students 3 people were washed away yet found – Wang Beijing – special correspondent reporter Wang Deng haven figure yesterday to 14 PM, Chengmai County Public Security Bureau received area masses reported: in the town of Jin Jiang Po Cun Wei Hui Huang Jia Xia Cun Nan Du River 3 students swimming drowning missing. The alarm after the County Public Security Bureau immediately organized personnel to the scene to carry out search and rescue, and the first time to the county government and county emergency command center report. The full search and rescue, as of yesterday at 22:30, not to rescue 3 teenagers missing. A preliminary investigation by the Public Security Bureau, Liang Mouxiang and other 14 people (non boarders) day home from school at noon after lunch, at about 13 to meet with Jin Jiang Zhen Huang Jia Xia Cun Nandu River swimming, as affected by the typhoon, Nandu River water high and fast speed, there are 4 people drowning in swimming. (Feng Mouzhen male, aged 13, Chengmai County third middle school class 7 grade students) fell into the water after washed ashore, the All is well., another 3 students have been washed away by the river and disappeared. The missing students were: Liang Mouxiang, aged 14, Chengmai County third middle school students (1), 12 Lane Road home town of Jin Jiang; Zhu Moulong, 14 years old, Chengmai County third middle school (1) class, who lives in Village town of Jin Jiang; Wang Mouqing, 13 years old, the third middle school in Chengmai county the second class (4), 12 Lane Road home town of Jin Jiang. Chengmai county Party Secretary Yang Sitao, deputy secretary of the county, the county attaches great importance to Ji Zhaomin and other leaders, after receiving the report, immediately rushed to the scene, and called the fire, safety supervision, comprehensive management, Education Bureau, Jin Jiang Town, the 120 emergency center, third middle schools and other relevant units, on-site research for search and rescue program, seize the prime time, immediately organized along and the downstream Village section of Nandu River Huang under the county to carry out search and rescue, fire brigade dispatched boats and fishing equipment to carry out underwater search and rescue. At the same time, the first time to professional diving rescue teams from Haikou, to carry out a comprehensive search and rescue work at the scene using sonar search and rescue equipment, Rui Xi, Yongfa Township and other downstream organized search and rescue personnel in their respective area along the Nandu river. In addition, the rapid coordination of Haikou, Dingan and other downstream counties set up the network search and rescue in the Nandu river. At 22:30 yesterday, Chengmai county has organized nearly 200 search and rescue team search and rescue efforts, not to rescue 3 teenagers missing. Chengmai county Party committee and government leaders for this event, the scene make deployment: one is to continue to organize public security, border control, fire control and professional rescue teams, intensify rescue efforts and rescue; two is work team composed of Jin Jiang town government in a timely manner to the families of psychological counseling and relief work; three is the county UNESCO Bureau immediately this event the bulletin of primary and secondary schools, and asked the county primary and secondary schools to learn again, then the deployment of campus safety work; four is the county, the county government will organize discipline, procuratorate, public security and other relevant departments of the investigation into the incident, and start the accountability, seriously deal with the responsible person. Currently, the search and rescue work is being carried out.相关的主题文章: