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Children can not sleep well? Is most likely the reason – the Sohu author | geosofia a child asked his mother: my son is 5 years old, he has been a headache problem I sleep. In order to let him sleep well, roared over and scolded too, what methods are used and no effect. My child is a big hand, almost no separation. I have to sleep, wake up can not see I will be upset, or will lose their temper. In a word I am out of the room he can’t sleep well, sleep well. I have a headache this housing problem. For example, he is sleeping now, I want to go back to her husband’s room to sleep, but worried that he woke up in the middle of the night and found that I was not. I have almost every day with him, said, "I love you, will not leave you," and so on, I hope to give him a sense of security, the results of the past six months seems to be a little effective. But he still sticks to me. Recently wanted to deliberately keep distance with him, as a result, he went to the night more sticky people. What am I to do? What I want to say is that sleep, this is the most instinctive needs of everyone, not just children. This instinct is like hungry to eat, thirsty to drink water as simple. However, the child’s sleep, how to become such a headache? As my mother said, "in order to let him sleep well, roared over and scolded too, what methods are used and no effect." Obviously, sleep this matter, is no longer a natural, the child spontaneously to do. It follows "roar", with "scold", with "adult anxiety" linked together. Children every night, with a lot of stress, anxiety, fear and other emotions, as well as the tension between the mother to sleep, it is difficult to have a good sleep. People who have had insomnia experience should know that the terrible is not insomnia, but the fear of insomnia, because it will be more sleep. So, first of all, the mother needs to try to "sleep" this thing, put a. Try to sleep back to the child. It’s hard to fall asleep. Sleep lightly, let him shallow. Can not guarantee that the child’s sleep immediately improved, but at least to spontaneous, relaxed sleep state regression. Sleep is a biological instinct, but it is the most difficult thing for parents to see. In this case, there is an important person who has been absent. The child is too sticky mother, with dad involved in parenting too little about. From birth onwards, the maternal mothers body is gradually awakened. In a very long time, the mother and the children are inseparable. This symbiotic relationship is like love. The initial security of a small child is certainly very beneficial. However, one has to stick to mother, and mother to sleep much older children are often less willing to children. Their independence and personality will be greatly affected. The role of the father, is to love the mother and child separation. This "work" should start at the age of 1 and a half to about the age of 2. Lack of father’s participation, the mother and the child’s emotional concentration will be too high, naturally a lot of problems appear. Children’s independence and personality growth -相关的主题文章: