China auto brand sales ranking in September 2016 – Sohu 97179

September 2016 China auto brand sales rankings – Sohu automobile according to the latest data by the Federation, in September 2016 China’s auto market sales of 2166766 passenger cars, an increase of 31.5%. September domestic car market performance called Kim Gu, continue to maintain 2 digit growth. Car: Lavida winning top sales Zaishangtaijie car sales before 20 compared to the same period in 2015 and September, Lavida sales of 44610 vehicles, an increase of 45.2%, compared with August sales surged nearly 7000 vehicles. Compared with August, Lang Yi and car sales second sales gap has widened to 6608. The car in the top 20 list, Lavida and runner up the sales gap in unique Jetta ranking. Loungyee dominate the car market, there is no suspense. Only the second Jetta in September sales reached 38002 units, compared with last month against growth of nearly 10 thousand vehicles, an increase of up to 68.4%. The Jetta name has resounded in the domestic car city for 20 years. New models launched in the domestic car city a year hundreds of background, can sell really rare last month after month and year after year jetta. No wonder, Shanghai GM Excelle up to. FAW Volkswagen absolutely can abandon the monthly sales of nearly 40 thousand jetta. But the Jetta will usher in a change of the medium-term, the future will still has the potential to also need time to test. New Sylphy, Hideo sedan ranking third, ranked four. March September sales of 36405 units, ranking rose to third this month, the previous month sales growth of about 15%. New sales in September last month, a slight increase of 1 Hideo 1000 or so, but the ranking from last month’s second drop to fourth. In the hot September car city, despite strong sales such as new Hideo, but also to. Need to add oil in October yinglang. In the top 20 cars in the list, the basic models with the same in August. The overall car market pattern has been formed, the short term is difficult to shake the new cars. But on the whole, there are still some well-known models of new cars in September the top 20 rankings, such as the accord, Ming Rui. Octavia September sales of 15011 vehicles, an increase of 18.7%. Compared to the Shanghai Volkswagen brand, Skoda in the layout of the network is relatively weak. Octavia entered the list a slight accident. Finally, the need to mention is Fawkes. Judging from the September data, the new Fawkes three car sales of 10852 vehicles; new Fawkes hatchback sold 8285 vehicles. If the three car sales, Fawkes hatchback merger, Fawkes’s overall sales of 19137 cars, thirteenth car sales in September. Of course, Fawkes is no longer Changan Ford models. Sales have exceeded Fawkes. SUV: the sales gap of Harvard H6, trumpchi GS4 absolute leading SUV sales in the top 20 and 2015 compared to the same period in September, Harvard H6 sales of 53204 vehicles, an increase of 76.1%! Harvard H6 this month is Yiqijuechen, envy others. In August, Harvard H6 sales exceeded 40 thousand has let a person as the acme of perfection. In September, Harvard H6 can be said to be guards. For such a result, should be long.相关的主题文章: