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"China field cup" announced ten major box office are unsuccessful – Sohu News correspondent for the seventh session of the "China field cup" sponsored by Chinese Film Association and other excellent movie plays the nomination ceremony held recently, "best film drama" awarded by the number of votes, it is regretted that she is 2015 year "ten the big box office" at the end of the film is basically down to the "best film drama", the writing committee of judges, China MPAA film literature director Zhang Sitao said that from each other, the domestic movie box office and art have been contradictory to the serious situation. Was the seventh "China field cup" excellent movie plays according to how many votes (votes by the same title first strokes, are arranged) "umbrella head and his woman" (Writer: Niu Jianrong), "intruder" (Writer: Wang Xiaoshuai, Li Fei, radium, "old gun") (Writers: Guan Hu, Dong Runnian), "sun burning heart" (Writer: Cao Baoping, Jiao Huajing), "heart labyrinth" (Writer: Xin Yu Kun and Feng Yuanliang), "I am a stranger" (Writer: Shing Yee), "I save gentleman" (writer Ding Sheng), "Cairo declaration" (Writer: Liu Xing), "farewell" (Writer: Degna), "a spoon" (Writer: Chen Jianbin). Zhang Sitao said, from the results, the 2015 annual "ten big ticket" at the end of the film is basically down to the "best movie plays", shows that our movie "box office" and the "art" of the film we deviate from each other and conflicting has come to a serious situation. He believes that the box office is naturally important, but should not be the box office to the point of inappropriate, even with the box office as the principle guiding the film. In the current single box office heroes creative atmosphere, "China field cup" emphasizes the art, emphasize the film back to the art itself, hope that the "box office" and "art" as much as possible combining unified.相关的主题文章: