China, Lalu – Seminal Hotel Qingdao’s first cultural tourism Sohu punyu

The first mainland culture Chinese Seminal Hotel Qingdao Lalu – Sohu travel to the north, Weihai to the south of sunshine the coastline, blue sea and the sky the same color, bright as gold beach, on the coast of the one and only China landscape. Qingdao Jinshatan area is located in the middle position, long beach, sand fine, soft water temperature, known as "the first Asian Beach" reputation of Qingdao, Lalu will be located here. Qingdao Lalu back to Lantau Peak, the sea on three sides, one side backer. Hotel construction area of 150 thousand square meters, including 161 guest rooms, 41 villas and 30 seascape seascape villa complex. From the site to the final completion, time-consuming 6 years, invested $3 billion. As a cloud building, Lalu has more than and 100 years of history, has the Japanese crown prince Hirohito, Jiang Jieshi hall, 1998 Taiwan Xiang Lin group bought the reconstruction for the international Top Resort. Qingdao is the first Lalu hotel in Taiwan, the layout of Xiang Lin group. Ongoing with a very simplified design style of Qingdao Lalu designed by the international architectural design master Kerry Hill featuring. Qingdao is a seaport city, so the container for design inspiration. Qingdao Lalu copper net facade, with the passage of time, the appearance of the building from the original purple gold, gradually become dark red, until pale green, like the vitality, every time to will see not the same as "lalu". The design of Qingdao Lalu natural minimalist, like from the Lantau Peak born out of the general area, rock, beach, the coastline all retained the original local pool is not abalone, showing the natural scene for the guests. Confucian culture is the soul of design Confucius Shandong is the hometown of Confucius, Qingdao, Lalu hotel in the inclusion of a large number of Confucian culture, carved with exquisite taste of literati. Into the hall, the ancient instruments produce empty quiet music; walk in the corridor everywhere exquisite lacquer, calligraphy and paintings for the tasting room, pondering; you pick up a line can dialogue with Confucius the Analects of Confucius; to sit chatting, spend a leisurely afternoon. Different from the traditional luxury hotel gold inlaid with silver sensory stimulation, Lalu more to people is a kind of spiritual enjoyment. Here, the distance between people is relaxed, the low density of people in space itself is one of the manifestations of luxury. All the decoration, service, beauty for the existence of the people themselves, so that everyone can find the meaning of life in their own small universe. The design of hotel rooms and toilet room can see the sea view of the sea will be applied to the extreme, nearly 100 square meters of the room, with large windows 9 meters, each room has its own independent balcony, bath, rest, on the balcony in a daze, even sitting on the toilet, you can see at a glance sea view. More poetic, the side of the room is set up with a bamboo patio. The door opened the bathroom, swaying in front of bamboo. Bathed in sunshine and water here, in the body, like the bamboo bath in general. The most beautiful coast SPA Spa Club Qingdao Lalu place dug 1500.相关的主题文章: