China plans to build 30-50 National Nature Reserves msvbvm60.dll

China plans to build 30-50 National Nature Reserve, recently, the Ministry of environmental protection issued the "national environmental protection" 13th Five-Year "plan". The Ministry said that the issuance of documents is to implement the "national economic and social development thirteenth five year plan", to promote the construction of ecological civilization, in accordance with the protection of landscape forest lake ecological system, by strengthening supervision, improve the system, to promote ecological space security, ecological quality steadily, gradually improve the ecological function in order to safeguard the national ecological security. The "national ecological protection" 13th Five-Year "plan" put forward the main goal, to 2020, ecological space protection, ecological quality improved, ecological function has been enhanced, biodiversity decline curbed, ecological protection and unified supervision level is higher, the demonstration of ecological civilization construction achievements, safeguard national ecological security, to adapt to a comprehensive well-off society. The specific objectives include: comprehensive delineation of ecological protection red, control requirements have been implemented, the national ecological security overall pattern formation; Nature Reserve layout reasonable, continue to improve the management ability and level of protection, the new 30-50 is a National Nature Reserve, the completion of the 200 national nature reserve to protect the area of standardization construction, the National Nature Reserve land area accounts for the proportion remained at around 14.8%. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: