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China Singapore tank technology? The people’s Liberation Army completely dispels Sohu Military Channel recently, Hongkong customs detained Singapore AV-81 APCs event continuous fermentation. Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" 27 days of speculation this batch of armored vehicle "is likely to be PLA personnel to check for the reason of obtaining internal parameters" and "fear" or so leaked military secrets. However, Chinese experts believe that in the field of tanks and armored vehicles, China does not need to learn anything from singapore. Singapore is not a weapons development power, in many ways and China will be sent several orders of magnitude, and the wapc itself is a low technology content in armored vehicles, military Chinese probably won’t care too much about these armored vehicles. For this event, China Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang 28, said the question, the Chinese side has made representations to the new requirements of the Singapore government, and earnestly abide by a principle of China. According to the British newspaper "independent" reported on 28, Singapore, and Harry? Sweet government protested Chinese Cowes to Singapore commented that Chinese is trying to put pressure on the government of Singapore Singapore national. Ten years ago, "save" the equipment according to the Taiwan Youth Daily "reported" before, the original AV-81 is a Singapore company of science and technology and the Irish Timoney technology company developed at their own expense for the export market a wapc. The first prototype was made by Timoney in Ireland and was first publicly released in September 2001 at the international defense systems equipment show (DSEi) in london. Singapore Technology Co., Ltd. has made second and third prototypes. 2006, AV-81 equipped with the Singapore army. The car is developed by Singapore’s leading operational needs and has the final design intellectual property. According to reports, AV-81 type of armored vehicle body length of 6.8 meters, is equipped with a 400 horsepower Caterpillar C-9 type four stroke turbocharged diesel engine, and collocation company (Allison) ERI MD4560P automatic gearbox, the maximum road speed of 120 km per hour, maximum range of 800 km. Shell and V shaped bottom design of double vehicle using AV-81 armored vehicle, the whole car can withstand 7.62 mm assault rifle, the car can withstand the weight of 12 kilograms of mine detonation power, in addition to have basic protective armor, it also equipped with passive armor kit, the body can withstand 14.5 mm bullet shooting. From the current published photos, these AV-81 armored personnel transport vehicles equipped with Singapore’s homemade LRWS remote control weapon station. China don’t need "peeping" AV-81 a China experts on the "Global Times" reporter said, overall, the poor design of armored vehicles, can be said to be all ready assembly models in the world model complex 8× 8 wheeled armored vehicles in this not significant mountain dew. Performance is not bad, but there is no place too outstanding. Taiwan media to render its performance, said, with a precision central air pressure adjustment device, automatically adjust the tire pressure, improve the speed of armored vehicles in the soft road.相关的主题文章: