Chinese and German artists work together in Berlin – International – People’s network 1926年属相�

German artists together make the creation of the in Berlin in October 8, in Berlin (Zhang Fang) in October 7th, German young artists resident held art exchange project opening weekend "activities in Berlin, invited people from all walks of life to visit the studio, the 16 artists in the two months of the creation, including painting, sculpture, video etc.. The theme of "creating art with a companion!" Under the framework of the 2016 Sino German youth exchange year held in the United Kingdom, and a year and a half, from China and Germany each selected the eight young artists, respectively, in Germany and China to stay together for two months to create. Project participants include China The National Gallery curator Wu Weishan curator of National Museum and Berlin Ukraine? 20 the arts authority kittelmann, elected. The best way to communicate is to stay. Before the exchange of art between the two countries for the exchange of works of art, such as art exhibitions, and this time we carried out the exchange between artists." Project sponsor, chairman of the China German Cultural Exchange Foundation, said ms.. According to reports, in March next year, artists will travel to Beijing to stay creative. (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: