Clever choice of water away from water

Clever tap away from water pollution               we all know that water is the source of life, people’s survival depends on it can continue to develop, so water is very important to us. In particular, water pollution is particularly serious, it is not easy for people to drink clean water. If the tap water is no problem, we will be in the home renovation of water pipes, water and other water storage systems to choose materials, avoid water pollution, water faucet, because of rust and other problems caused by deterioration.               in fact, we are in the bathroom cabinet bathroom space decoration, there are also involved in the purchase of taps. We should not only see what kind of tap more durable, more coordinated which tap style design and bathroom cabinet style, which depends on the physical material of the tap is better, the lowest degree of harm.                                                                                                          ??????????                 to the interests of consumers and human health, we specially visited the decoration materials market, understand the various material tap, respectively with iron coating, iron zinc, brass, iron, stainless steel, chrome plating quality PVC plastic, polyethylene plastic and polymer composite materials.             iron painted rust the easiest and cheapest; the most common galvanized iron, the appearance of a metal gray, not very high, the internal use of welding, lead to rust, poor toughness, easy to crack, short service life; corrosion resistance of brass quality is good, has the the sterilization function, general price; the most shining iron chrome appearance, internal or iron, corrosion resistance, suitable for furniture and restaurants; stainless steel price is high, durable, corrosion resistance, suitable for high-end restaurants and Home Furnishing or;相关的主题文章: