Cloud main defense + three new engine escort Tencent computer housekeeper on-line version of the 12 t6570

Cloud main defense + three new engine escort Tencent computer housekeeper on-line version of the new version of the new network, September (Xinhua)  , on, September 1st, Tencent computer Butler officially released version 12. The new version of the continuation of the minimalist refreshing interface and greatly optimize the user experience, users can clear on their own computer state, while adding a Windows10 setup assistant, desktop, time assistant, small rockets to receive QQ offline messages and other new management features, closer to ordinary users. The user is most concerned about the virus killing and safety protection, Tencent 12 computer housekeeper version adopts the latest network security technology, strengthen the main anti cloud and bootclean scavenging technology, rootkit kill, first aid kit four security features of killing ability, analysis, in killing virus sample strength further enhanced. Let the Trojan virus can be seamlessly into. The main anti cloud: give each file standard "real name identity card in version 12, the enhanced cloud characteristics of the main anti bid farewell to the traditional main protection can only rely on a single engine results to determine whether the intercept mode attribute. On the basis of the traditional real-time main defense function, the new attribute". File identity, while adding real-time cloud rules control system. Act on the user’s computer to trigger the main anti monitoring points, the Tencent will combine the main anti computer housekeeper cloud file, file identifier, engine results cloud real-time rule three latitudes in the cloud, intelligent judgment of the behavior is abnormal and issued corresponding solutions. Since the entire cloud main defense system are deployed in the cloud, the response rate increased to the second level! At the same time the file identification system is introduced, like a "real name identity card" for each file, the file with the software to establish the mapping relationship, in some formal " " software; evil can effectively intercept, greatly improve the active defense ability of coverage. Three sword engine: let the undetected stubborn virus and Trojan virus killing "three sword" — bootclean, rootkit removal technology kill system, first aid kit, three unique killing technology is mainly for stubborn virus, in the presence of hidden depth of computer virus and the development of. Because of some stubborn computer viruses usually for file protection scheme using soft kill all kinds of virus, conventional file deletion technology often can not completely clean up the virus, one by one against technology and high cost. In response to this kind of situation, the Housekeeper on the basis of conventional countermeasures against the accumulation of technology, a set of switching on the line to kill the patented technology – bootclean removal technology,. By recording the key information in the system shutdown, processed in the early next system start, combined with the detection ability of rootkit through killing technology, can get rid of rootkit virus killing system effectively. The 12 version of the rootkit through the detection technology to further enhance the ability to kill. Under normal circumstances, the use of a variety of special detection programs to deal with the targeted treatment, although the stability and processing capacity is good, but the versatility is poor, each class"相关的主题文章: