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The national consciousness of conservation more atmosphere "(people’s Forum) – View – holiday approaching, many people have packed out bags. Indulge in the magnificent mountains and rivers, infiltration in the splendid history and culture, witnessing the development achievements, when we use the foot measurement, the heart, may also be in this country, this piece of land, this time, have more sense of identity, sense of belonging, inspire more "national consciousness" national consciousness "". Indeed, in the Temple No. two would be on the launch track, in the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games and again raised the flag, during the G20 summit in Hangzhou dazzling light in the sea, we can see the development of the motherland "continue to open up space". When this is the case, how to be a qualified "big national", is what every Chinese can think about. A "history of China", we need to protect. The day before the National Day in September 30th, has been established as a martyr’s day. This is a symbol: the founding and development of the new China, can not be separated from the dedication and sacrifice of martyrs. Czech writer Fuchik in "the report under the gallows", urged people not to forget the hero, because every faithful to the future, in order to better future at the expense of the people is a stone statue ". Common history is the country’s dome, how can we let this disgraceful shining stars in the sky? The occasion of national day, let us together to defend the dignity of the hero, historical memory. Whether to visit red spots, listen to the voices echoed in the history; or enter the "online memorial", for those victims selfless and fearless devotees offer sincere wish; or read a Book praising the heroes books, watch a show can look back in history, in the spirit of the flames cleanse our hearts the dust, the answer of "who we are" the problem better. A culture of China, we need to inherit. Not long ago, to see such a scene in the Shaanxi Museum of history: the opening distance and nearly an hour, the ticket team has become a dragon. This scene reflects the warmth of the millennium history, respect for traditional culture. "Standing in a vast land of five thousand years of history, everyone is the traditional culture of" enlightening "," the words, vividly tells a great national culture mentality more self-reliance. National Day, let us feel the charm of culture, thinking about the value of culture. Whether it is natural scenery, or cultural attractions, do not just take them as a photo background. Taste which contains the spirit factor, which shows the cultural understanding of philosophy, to our knowledge, feelings, frames into a "picture of the mind thinking a thousand years", in order to dialogue and culture, answer "where we come from" the problem better. A world of China, we need to show. From Zimbabwe overseas Chinese "can’t not love the mother group, China to coach Mexico diving team won the Pan American Games diving gold medal, President Xi Jinping in many countries of the speech, will tell the general Chinese" folk diplomacy "story. In the era of the global village, standing in the center of the world stage with China, is a hundred million Chinese people, every Chinese is "country"相关的主题文章: