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Continue for China! Samsung Galaxy C9 details exposure – Sohu digital, according to foreign media reports, after the Chinese market for Galaxy , C5 and C7 was a great success, making Samsung plans to launch the C series of smart phones. Recently, insiders broke the news on twitter, the Chinese market for the end of the machine will be officially released in October this year, and the price and the date of the listing and no specific information. Continue for China! Samsung Galaxy  C9; details of the exposure (pictures from Google)       industry insiders said that the mobile phone is Galaxy  the performance of a C7 upgrade version, whether mobile phone screen or processors have done some improvement. Rumors show that Galaxy  C9 is likely to use 5.7 inches or 6 inches screen, the phone’s code is Amy, the phone model is SM-C9000.         according to the C7 mobile phone sales situation, C9 is likely to launch a different capacity version, the price will reach 2500-2800 yuan between. The reason this is a series of Chinese special machines, is introduced in the system with some China consumer features, such as red alert, against the pseudo base SMS function.相关的主题文章: