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The cross market arbitrage model end branch of China Merchants Securities first half net profit fell 88%- Sohu reporter Gu Feng Beijing reported as a new three star stocks, China Merchants Bureau (832168) released the 2016 semi annual report just passable. The evening of August 23rd released its earnings report, its first half revenue 558 million, down by 26.27%, while net profit of $43 million 100 thousand, down 87.74%. According to the company’s explanation, the main reason for poor performance in the first half from the volatility of the stock market, its fair value and investment income have been affected. Chengyexiaohe baiyexiaohe. It is a branch of China Merchants during the stock market crash in 2015 in the new board to raise funds to buy the dips of more than and 10 A shares of the stock market, the market rebound in the two level then its annual results for 2015 debut. At the same time, China Merchants has yet to complete the National SME share transfer system (hereinafter referred to as "the national share transfer system) May 27th issued" notice on the matters listed on the financing of financial enterprises "(hereinafter referred to as the" notice ") in the new conditions of self-examination and rectification, which also makes investment in the division in the new Sanban market prospects a shadow. Cross market arbitrage mode ending from June 2015 to August, for A shares, such as soaring coaster coaster crash. The branch of China Merchants under kehuitong, stocks oversold the achievements of its crazy placards season". According to the Statistics Branch of China Merchants own disclosure of information and reports twenty-first Century economic reporters, branch of China Merchants in 2015 a total of 16 listed companies in the sunshine placards, a total cost of more than 3 billion yuan. It is because the stock market crash during the bold shot, branch of China Merchants 2015 annual performance beautiful. The results showed that in 2015 the company achieved revenue 2 billion 429 million yuan, an increase of 158.78%; a total profit of 1 billion 664 million yuan, an increase of 191.03%; net profit of 1 billion 185 million yuan (including net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company, to 1 billion 125 million yuan), an increase of 179.35%. The company also confirmed that the reason level compared to 2014 total operating income increase is the branch of China Merchants placards listed companies stock market rose. According to the annual report information, 2015 annual total revenue in the fair value of the change in earnings of $1 billion 846 million, accounting for 75.99% of total revenue, which is part of the income of listed companies held by the company’s stock rose. For a time, the market will also be in the division of investment as cross market arbitrage success practitioner. But this model has encountered great challenges this year. Branch of China Merchants latest financial data show that both its operating income and net profit fell, including net profit fell more than 80%. One of the important reasons leading to poor performance in the first half of the first half of China Merchants investment is its two shares in the A-share market suffered market volatility impact of A. Chinese merchants in the announcement shows that the company’s stock market volatility is a direct impact on the company’s exit in the project management mode, exit timing and the fair value of listed items in the tube, maple相关的主题文章: