Cycling Around

Arts-and-Entertainment St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful, mysterious and romantic cities in the World. But if you always use metro or drive around by bus, you will never feel the magic of our city. This is achievable if you will go on foot or will ride on a bicycle. If you go on foot, you won’t be able to walk on a long distances, so if you want this journey to stay at your memory as long as it is possible it is better to go on bicycle. The best time to ride around St. Petersburg is summer evening – especially at white nights, when it isn’t that warm as at days and you can see everything clearly. Even if you travel at dark time, there is a magnificent lightening at nights in our city. Many people like to travel at nights even more, because of the lightening. Of course most beautiful is the centre of the city, especially its embankments. It depends on your taste – whether you like the view on wide Neva River, or you prefer narrow beautiful channels like Kryukov. If you go on foot, or on a bicycle, you can use little boats, which sail along the rivers and channels of St. Petersburg. Usually such journeys are not expensive, but if you have money and time, you can hire a boat for a couple of hours or for the whole night. On special occasions and on Weekends the centre of the city is filled with people. They are eager to watch the picturesque view and enjoy performances, held in the centre. Usually different actors, performers, dancers, singers and other artistic people of different professions and hobbies go the the centre and make their performances and shows on the open air. Very popular is Fire show or concerts on Dvorzovaya Square. In Saint-Petersburg and its area there are a lot of beautiful parks, squares, fields, roads, grounds, where you can ride. Most popular parks of Saint-Petersburg and its area, where you can ride are: Victory park, Divo island on Krestovsky Island, Gorkovsky park, Park Sosnovka, Mihaylovsky park, Alexandrovsky park, parks of Pavlovsk, Pushkin, Peterhof, Gatchina, Sestroretzk etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: