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Deep rural, agricultural platform to pull his shop, month water billions of dollars – Sohu technology + Wen Cuiling doing before harvest man Liu Zifeng has been engaged in the Internet industry. However, he has always wanted to do something for the rural market. "My father was on the station of animal husbandry, he opened a feed store, small monasteries, I have some understanding of the agricultural means of production." Liu Zifeng recalled that, although he had not engaged in related industries, but also has a natural affinity for the industry. The fact is, if the agricultural market roughly divided into seeds, pesticides, plastic sheeting and calls four blocks, about 1 trillion and 500 billion of the size of the market, plus other small demand, the market size of over 2 trillion. Now, the whole production distribution channels are concentrated in the township of small shop hands, fragmented market channels by extrusion, in such a market, and did not appear a single large agricultural enterprise sales, let Liu Zifeng feel a chance of winning. Deep into the rural market at first, Liu Zifeng want to do fruit B2B business. The winter of 2014, he returned to Sichuan to do research, and my friends went to the countryside to see the fruit market, find the market has great prospects, but the opportunity did not seem mature. "Because of the scale of difficulty", Liu Zifeng after careful analysis summary, in order to achieve economies of scale, and not by the team will be able to solve the problem, because to produce such non standardized things become relatively standardized, need policy support. For example, he said, the same area, we are all kinds of tomatoes, but each different ways of cultivation, tomatoes on different. The gap between the developed countries and relatively large, "it’s not that I think these are as like as two peas, agricultural products in sweetness, size, color and other aspects, should set a standard, such as gold kiwi, Australia America orange and other standard, and these, need the government to promote it from top to bottom." In Liu Zifeng’s view, entrepreneurs pay attention to natural, and, for now, agricultural products do not have the day, he and the team will be temporarily shelved the project. In the rural market research, he found that the agricultural industry chain is very long, all aspects of pain points very much. He will spin off the industrial chain, agriculture can be divided into four aspects of prenatal, intrapartum and postpartum, for example, an acre of land equivalent to products from the origin of postpartum, received a wholesale production, is concerned about the growing areas, such as business management software and other auxiliary cultivation system, and is the production of prenatal, the preparation, including the preparation of fertilizer, pesticides, seeds, etc. to buy Plastic sheeting. After careful judgment, Liu believes that the relative postpartum, pesticides and fertilizers, seeds and other products are standardized, easy to achieve scale, and it is just, so Liu Zifeng decided to venture in the direction of agricultural products — from the point of purchase and sale. March 8, 2015, the project named harvest man, officially launched. Xianfeng Changqing is also very optimistic about the direction of a bumper man angel investors. Xianfeng Changqing vice president Zhao Yang said, harvest man’s execution is very strong, the project soon started to push, first is the mountain.相关的主题文章: