Department through the introduction of five one enterprises can enjoy one-stop service –

Department: through the introduction of "five one" enterprises can enjoy "one-stop" service – Beijing Beijing in October 25 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Yu Zhanyi) China Ministry of human resources and social security held a press conference in Beijing on 25 2016, informed the work in the third quarter developments. Department spokesman Li Zhong said that through the implementation of "five one", enterprises can better enjoy the "one-stop" service. Li Zhong said that as of the end of September 2016, the national basic pension, basic medical care, unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance number were 871 million people, 698 million people, 178 million people, 216 million people, 182 million people, respectively over the previous year end are increased in different degree. 1-9 month, five social insurance fund total revenue of 3 trillion and 650 billion yuan, an increase of 10.1%; the total expenditure of 3 trillion and 170 billion yuan, an increase of 12.5%. "At the end of September, the social security card number 939 million." Li Zhong said that in the next step, we must continue to improve the social security system, and continue to promote the implementation of various stages to reduce the social insurance rates. We should further strengthen the "five one" social insurance registration work. The "five one" refers to the business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, social insurance registration certificate and registration certificate of the five statistical documents "five card one" registration system, nationwide formally implemented from October 1, 2016. A reporter on the situation, to promote specific five one "questioning Agency Department said Li Zhong, the local human resources and social security departments in accordance with the new requirements of" five one ", simplify the optimization process of social insurance registration, no other enterprises issued social insurance registration certificate, and the abolition of the social insurance registration certificate of periodic verification and the renewal provisions, sharing work is also carried out in order to seize the information with the Department of industry and commerce. Li Zhong said that through the implementation of "five one", enterprises can better enjoy the "one-stop" service, enterprise social insurance registration application from 30 days past industrial and commercial registration legal provisions, the handling Department accepted within 15 days after approval, to enterprises will be able to carry out social insurance registration and in the industrial and commercial registration approval at the same time, which reduces the enterprise’s errands, but also greatly shorten the processing cycle of the relevant business, the relevant circumstances can be more timely and more accurate grasp of the establishment, modification and cancellation of insurance units, but also is beneficial to the Ministry of human resources and better realize the solemn commitment to the insured object record life, protection of life, service life. (end)相关的主题文章: